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It definitely wont make you die. It just might make you go to sleep quicker that's all...

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Valium and Flexeril should not be combined. Other drugs may be taken together if your psychiatrist and cardiologist think that they can be taken together.

They are very different drugs. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic, whereas Valium is a benzodiazepine. both drugs can cause sedation, but generally they aren't interchangable, as they have substantially different effects.

Swim has abused these drugs recently, Swim has found that taking Seroquel in combination with Valium (which swim has much more experience with) produced a profound high with marked disorientation, confusion, and lack of motor control. The doses swim used were 25-40MG of Valium coupled with 75-150mg of Seroquel. Valium alone does not produce a pronounced high in Swim. Swim found the Seroquel to be particularly debilitating and a dangerous additive for a mix of Valium,Xanax, and cannabis. But regarding your problem, Swim thinks that Seroquel tolerance plays a major role in the equation, along with dosage. If you have Seroquel tolerance already, Swim is certain that an individual with tolerance would react much differently to the combination, and not suffer such debilitating effects. Otherwise be careful not to over do it or you may get extremely groggy, confused, frustrated, and generally unable to function in a way that Swim found almost disturbing.

can seroquel and trazadone be taken togetheryes seroquel and trazadone can be taken together, it will make you very drowsy though.

Can u take Aleve and Valium together

is it ok to take Valium and lorazepam together

Seroquel and percocet should NOT be taken together. **Please speak to your pharmacist about it.**

is takeing keppra and seroquel together dangerous

vyvanse in the morning and seroquel at night

Vicodin is a narcotic (pain pill) and Valium is a anti anxiety

can i take nyquil and valium

Can you take valium 2mg and skelaxin 800 mg together> Becky

What is the effect of ridilan Valium and butalbital taken together

Valium and norco can be safely taken together without adverse effects.

umm if your taking 1200mg of seroquel and your not passing right out, you might want to switch to some immediate release seroquel, sounds like you are on the XR.

Seroquel is in a class of medications known as anti psychotics. Tylenol is a fever reducer and a mild pain reliever. It is safe to take Seroquel and Tylenol together.

PLease, PLease, PLease ask you doctor or pharm.D before taking any medications!!!

I don't know if this helps but I am a 41yo man and i am prescribed Klonopin and Seroquel (Klonopin is about the same drug as Valium, same family but i think klonopin is a little stronger) anyway I take them both at the same time in the morning (1mg Klonopin, 300mg Seroquel) and at night (2mg Klonopin, 300mg Seroquel). I also take 1mg twice during the day. I have no problem with it except the Seroquel makes me drowsy and hungry. My Dx is Bi-polar schizo-affective and general anxiety disorder. Hope this helps.

Would 1 mg of valium for 2 mos. along with 75 mg of Seroquel @ h.s cause you to lose your balance and fall backwards during the next morning?

You can take Valium, with Lithium, when prescribed by your physician. Metaxalon and Valium, both are a muscle relaxants. They should not be prescribed together. Hydrocodone and Valium, both are sedatives. They should not be prescribed together.

nothing seroquel and methadone are prescribed together quite frequently.

Seroquel is recommended for adults. There are still being studies conducted about the affects of children using it. I was prescribed it from the ages of 12-18

Yes you can. Valium doesn't effect an anti-biotic.

Yes, Oxycontin is a painkiller while Valium is an antianxiety med which both are commonly prescribed together.

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