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To audition for American Idol you must be age 16-28 at the time of your first audition.

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Q: What are the age requirements to audition for Season 7 of American Idol?
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Do you have to be American to be on American Idol?

no, anyone can audition that meets the age requirements. One season someone from italy flew all the way to america to audition

What season did William hung audition on American Idol?

Season 3

Did hollie cavanagh audition for American idol in season 10?

No, She is in season 11.

When can you audition for American Idol season 9?

Sometime this summer they will have auditions if they are going to have a new season

What age do you have to be to audition for American Idol?

You have to be 15 years old to audition for American Idol.

Who was Number 80231 Worst American Idol Audition on Season?

Darwin Reedy

Allison Iraheta American Idol audition season 8?

In San Francisco .

What is the Eligible age for American Idol audition season 9?


What age do you have to be for American Idol Season 9 Audition?

16 through 28

Where was the first American idol audition held for season 1?

NYC I think?

What is the maximum age to audition for American Idol?

you have to be 16 or older to audition for American idol and i guess you can audition even if your 100

What are auditioning dates for 2014 American idol?

The audition dates for the 2014 season of American Idol is June 18th, June 25th, July 23rd, and July 30th. The last audition day of the season is Sept 29, 2014.

When is the next American idol audition in Nevada?

Audition dates and cities for season 9 have not been released and auditions for season 8 are now over

How much are audition tickets for the 2008 American Idol season?

== == They do not cost. Auditioning is free.

Where can you audition for singing or dancing?

American idol and so you think you can dance season 7

Where didAdam Lambert take the American Idol season 8 audition?

In San Fransisco .

How do you get on American idol?

You audition

Did Bruno mars audition for American idol season 3?

Yes he did. However, he did not make it to the judges.

Where will the next 'American Idol' audition be held?

The auditions are over for the Season 8 American Idol show they began Jul 17 2008

How many people audition for American Idol per season?

The number has increased over the years, but this season, it was about 100,000 people.

If you have an amazing singing voice. How do you get on American Idol?

Audition for American Idol , but you have to be 15-28 years old to audition for it.

2010 American idol season 9 audition?

you mean 10. don't you? 9 is on now 2009

How can one come to an American Idol audition?

One can come to an American Idol audition by applying online. One should apply online at the official American Idol website. The American Idol auditions are organized in various cities.

Can kids be on American Idol?

No , you have to be 16-28 years old to audition for American Idol .

Which American Idol was amber riley in?

Riley doesn't appear in a season of Idol. She was turned down by the producers at her audition and never made it to see the judges.