What are the alternative career options for physiotherapist?

Physical Therapy also know as Physiotherapy is a career in the health, medical and fitness realm. As one pursues their bachelor degree in undergraduate studies, physical therapy may be a career for many students to obtain as their bachelors. Other careers at this level of a 4 year degree are exercise science, athletic training, kinesiology, biomechanist, physiology, nutritional science/dietetics or pre medical. Exercise Science can lead to personal training and may allow one to train clients and athletes in a gym/fitness setting. It may also lead to teaching physical education in a school setting. Athletic Training certification emphasizes the management of sports-related injuries and allows the trainer to work in the sports medicine field alongside physicians, physical therapists and athletes. Kinesiology is a therapy field in and of itself and works with the body and dialing in injury prevention and is similar to biomechanicist but is more clinical where as biomechanics is more research based. Physiology is an undergraduate degree but many take it to the masters or PhD level and deal with the mere medical aspect of our bodies in static rest state and an exercise state. Physiologists are clinical as well as research based. Nutritional science or dietetics is a new and up-coming field, where you get training on how the body metabolizes different foods. A nutritional scientist/dietetic can work closely with individuals to help provide them the tools needed to establish healthy eating habits. They also work closely with athletic trainers and physicians to help provide a diet that will allow the athlete to get as much out of their training as possible. As a nutritional scientist you have the opportunities to be involve yourself in research if that is what interests you. Lastly, one can go into pre-medical field leading into a physician, physician-assistant, or even nursing. Many pre-medical students choose a variety of different majors, ranging from economics, music, history, to the more common biology, or physiology. As long as you have completed the core set of classes you are able to apply to any medical school program. Many medical schools receive 100s of applicants a year, and find those applicants with different majors interesting, because they stand out from all the other applications they receive. The health care field is a large and growing field, that has a variety of different avenues with physical therapy just being one of those options.