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All of the above can be found in Tennessee. Black bears are only in the mountains in the eastern end of the state; the others are found in many parts of Tennessee.

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Are ladybugs deadly to animals?

Ladybugs are not deadly to other animals they are just friendly animal.

Why are animals repelled by fireflies?

fireflies send off a strong odor which draw predators away.

What animals eat aphids?


What type of animals do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs feed on small insects, especially aphids.

Are ladybugs poisonous to humans?

NO, ladybugs are not poisonous to humans, they can affect small animals but they are not poisonous to humans

Do ladybugs have a heart?

everything that is an animals has a heart.

How are bears and ladybugs alike?

they both are animals

Are ladybugs prey to other animals?

Of course.

How do ladybugs kill other animals?

eat them Ladybugs are predators on many small herbivorous insect pests.

Are fireflies mini beasts?

Fireflies are small insects. Beasts is generally a term that refers to mammals or giant sized animals which usually are mean, fireflies fit into none of those categorizes.

Which animals give light of their own?

Fireflies or Lightning bugs

What preys on ladybugs?

Birds and other large animals

What animals flap their wings?

Ladybugs, birds!!!!, flies,

Do ladybugs breathe?

Yes As all animals must.

Name the water animals which give off their own light?


What are some invertabrates?

they are ants, ladybugs,insects they are animals with out backbones.

Can ladybugs harm people?

no but hey can harm some animals

Can ladybugs eat marshmallows?

No, ladybugs are carnivores and it only eats meat material.

What are the state animals of Texas?

mockingbird and longhorns

What are the animals living in a field?

Butterflies, grasshoppers, ladybugs, caterpillars, locusts.

Can some animals give off light?

Yes , some creatures are bio-luminescent such as fireflies and deep sea animals .

What do ladybugs eat-?

Ladybugs eat fungus, mushrooms, insects, mildew, leaves, and don't forget aphids!!! Ladybugs eat aphids and aphids feed on plant juices so farmers love ladybugs because they help the plant stay alive. Aphids are yellow bugs that are very small and pesty. ... Omnivores eat meat\animals, and they eat plants.

What other animals besides a firefly make there own light?

There are fireflies... and ants.. and bears

What animals live in Tennessee?

White-tail deer, black bear and cougar live in Tennessee. Rabbits, raccoons and other normal animals also live in Tennessee.

Some examples of invertebrates?

ladybugs ants and other animals without a backbone

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