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Anglerfish and Giant Squid

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No, there are many species of animals that are blind; these are the animals that live where there is no light, such as the deep ocean fish or insects that live deep in caves.

bioluminescent animals live in the deep layer of the ocean. including jellyfish,octopses, and squid.

A squid is a type of animal that lives there.

They live in deep trenches in the ocean.

Whales, herring, tuna, giant squid, and angler fish live in this deep ocean area.

dead plants and animals that drift from the surface

Yes they do and ask Bob Ballard if you want some tips.

About 25% of animals live in the ocean.

Animals on the ocean floor live on the ocean floor anywhere throughout the ocean.

They live in the ocean, lol

225% of animals do not live in the ocean

animals they normally live in salt water live in the ocean

All kinds of animals live in the Pacific oceanall animals


in the ocean. Land animals live in the ocean. (Sarcasm hand raised)

Animals in the ocean do die. They do not live forever.

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

torture because most animals get eaten

100,000,000+ kinds of species of animals live in Ocean.

Animals that live in ocean trenches are quite diverse. They range from bacteria and microorganisms to fish, jellyfish, crabs, lobsters, and octopi. More specifically, tubeworms and deep-sea angler fish are two examples.

Giant squid primarily live in deep ocean trenches.

They live in the deep ocean blue.

Squids live near the bottom of the ocean about 3000 meters deep.

seahorses live in almost every ocean. they live in the most deep part of the ocean.

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