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Q: What are the answers to the garden grow brothers quiz on HorseIsle 2?
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What are all the answers for the hippogriffs tusk?

where are all the answers for the hippogriffs tusk?

Where do you get carrots on HorseIsle?

If you want, you can purchase them in feed shops (if players have sold them there!)Otherwise, you can go to the garden in Carrotton, and get rid of the weeds until you grow a carrot.

Can you grow strawberries in a garden?

yes you can grow strawberries in a garden

Where would you grow your garden?

i would grow a garden in my yard

How does a butterfly help a garden grow?

A butterfly helps a garden grow by pollination.

How do you get wool in HorseIsle 2?

You either have to grow it on your ranch or buy it.

What would you normally grow in a garden?

you can grow many things in your garden. you can even grow some of the weirdest fruits.

How vegetable and fruit grow?

They grow in the garden

What type of plants grow in garden soil?

Many plants can grow in garden soil. Actually, ALL plants can grow in garden soil as long as you take care of them.

Where can you find wool on horseisle 2?

you have to either grow it on your ranch or buy it

Do dahlias grow in the garden?

Yes, dahlias grow in the garden, and in larger flower pots, too.

How many insects help your garden grow?

There are many insects that help a garden grow such as ladybugs.

Where do you grow daisies?

in a garden

What is a garden?

a garden is a place where you can grow flowers, vegetables or fruit

How does a garden grow?

A garden grows by soil,water,and the sun!

What type of plants grow best in garden soil?

All plants grow well in garden soil.

Could you grow watermelons in your home garden?

Yes, you should be able to grow watermelons in your home garden

How big do garden snails grow?

A garden snail could at least grow up to 4-6cm long.

Do artichokes grow on trees?

No they grow on small annual plants that you grow in a garden.

Where does basil grow?

In your own garden

Where fruit trees grow?

in a garden

Where does a viola grow?

In a violin garden.

A which place flowers grow?


Where does weed grow from?

from youre garden

Who grow fruits and vegetables?