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One of them is the tensor fascia lata.

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Q: What are the antagonist muscles to external rotation of the hip?
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Concentric contraction of the hamstrings causes which joint action?

knee flexion and hip extension.Biceps femoris also: knee external rotation and hip external rotation.Semi tendinosus and Semi membranosus also: knee internal rotation and hip internal rotation.hamstrings eccentric contraction causes knee extension and hip flexion, whilst the antagonist muscles are passive.

Primary muscle for hip external rotation?

By strengthening the external hip rotator muscles you align your pelvis and your knees. The primary muscles involved are the piriformis, quadratus femoris, internal & external obturators, and superior & inferior gemellus

A trochanter roll is ued to?

prevent external rotation of the hip

What is the action of the startorius muscles?

Flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation at the hip, and flexion and medial rotation at the knee.

What is The most congruent position of hip joint?

Flexion, abduction, external rotation

What is the antagonist muscle to the gluteus maximus?

TFL does hop joint Flexion Abduction Medial rotation so you just need to find a muscle that does Extension adduction, and lateral rotation Gluteus Maximus does all those actions

What happens when the gluteus maximus contracts?

The purpose of the gluteus maximus is extension, including hyperextension, of the hip.

What are some devices that prevent external rotation of the leg?

Some devices that can prevent external rotation of the leg include knee immobilizers, hinged knee braces, and hip abduction braces. These devices help to restrict movement and stabilize the leg and hip joint, reducing the risk of external rotation or unwanted movement.

What is antagonist for hip extension?

hip extensor, gluteus maximus

Which leg muscle serves a function similar to the function of the arm's rotator cuff muscles?

This can be the deep hip external rotators. It helps the leg to move around in different directions so that you can move more.

What muscles are used in hip medial rotation?

Knee Rotation:- as extension progresses, shorter, more highly curved lateral condyle exhausts its articular surface andis checked by ACL, whereas larger and less curved medial condyle continues its forwardroll & skids backward, assisted by tightening of PCL;- result is a medial rotation of femur (external tibial rotation) that tightens collateral ligaments, & joint is "screwed home",to use mechanical phraseology;- flexion of extended knee is preceded by lateral rotation of femur (or medial rotation of tibia), usually produced by popliteus;- this rotation relaxes the tension of the collateral ligaments sufficiently to permit flexion;

Why circumduction and rotation can not be possible around hip joint?

Circumduction and rotation ARE possible around the hip joint.