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What are the arguments of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists in regards to the Constitution?

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What were the federalist political views in regards of writing the constitution?

The federalists wanted a constitution to gain more national government power.

What is judicicial power?

Judicial power is the power of a court to invalidate or legitimate an act of Congress with regards to a written constitution.

How many constitutions does Pakistan have?

It has only one constitution for now, like any other country. It is 1973 Constitution. But before that, there were 2 constitutions, Constitution of 1958 and Constitution of 1963. Pakistan came into being in 1947, so the constitution in place from 1947 to 1958 was the British Constitution. Hope you got your question resolved :) Regards, Musavir Gajani

What percentage of Australia wants the constitution changed?

Traditionally the Australian Constitution has proven very hard to change, in its history the constitution has been changed only 8 times out of 46 attempts, as such we can surmise that not alot of people want the constitution changed generally, but I could give a better answer if you asked about the constitution being changed in regards to what area.

Is Nepal a Hindu country?

Nepal was Hindu country, but the interim constitution after the downfall of constitutional monarchy regards Nepal as a secular country.

What do call a change to the constitution?

With regards to the US Constitution, changes made are called amendments. As one important example, in 1865, the 13th amendment was made to the US Constitution to abolish slavery. The Framers of the US Constitution believed of course that Constitution would require changes as time passed, however, they were cautious about changes and the amendment process is difficult.

With regards to or in regards to?

office discipline

How did Americans structure their debates about the economy in terms of interpreting the Constitution?

Many Americans use the Constitution to have debates about the economy. Often the issue of free trades and state's rights will come up in regards to messing with the economy.

Who is not mentioned in the constitution in regards to receiving pay from public funds?

The Vice President. The Constitution does say that Senators and Representatives are to be paid out of the public funds, and that the President, Judges and Justices will also be paid, but the Vice President's compensation is not mentioned.

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Regards, Kind regards, Best regards.

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The phrase is 'in regards to.'

What was the cause of the Americans getting help from the french?

french econamy tanked but it also lead to there revoulution. and in regards to us we made a constitution and became our own country

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With "regards" to what?

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What does the constitution state in regards to meeting outside of the capital?

Well the first amendment states the right to assembly, meaning that people have the right to meet, as long as they are not disturbing the peace.

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