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Honda is the only source for Power Steering fluid. They're also the only source for auto Transmission Fluid.


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Red is the "normal" power steering fluid. If you can't get "power steering fluid," Dexron automatic transmission fluid is the same stuff. Clear is Honda power steering fluid.

The S2000 has electronic power steering hence no power steering fluid.

All brands of steering fluid are pretty much made the same. Check your automobile's manual to see if there is a certain type of steering fluid that can only be used. If not, then the brand does not matter.

If you don't have dry rot in your power steering lines, it does.

There is a technical classification for what type of oil it is, but if you are just looking to buy some for your car look for Honda Power Steering Fluid. Yes, Acura is made by Honda. You can always go to your dealership and get "Acura" fluid, but it really is just Honda fluid with a new Acura sticker on it. I wouldn't recommend any Honda or Acura dealership to get fluid from. They overcharge, so just go to a local auto parts store and look for "Honda Power Steering Fluid". Many companies make it.

Honda Genuine Power Steering Fluid part# 5947-01025336

Mixing brands of power steering fuel does not make a difference. Just be sure to not mix different types of fuels.

Honda have there own power streering fluid. Just go into any part store and ask if it does not say Honda don't use it

Atf is fine for use in power steering except for Honda (requiring Honda fluid), and Audi (requiring mineral 7.1 or 11s) The major difference between atf and p/s fluid is that atf has friction modifers. harmless for hydrulics, nessacary for transmissions to shift smooth.

No, only use the correct fluid as recommended by Honda and nothing else.

Noise may be heard in a power steering line when the power steering fluid is low. Low power steering fluid may occur due to a leaking power steering pump in most cases. If the pump is not leaking, then the fluid needs to be added.

The power steering fluid reservoir on a 1998 Honda Passport is found on the driver side of the engine bay. It is located in front of the brake master cylinder reservoir.

Yes, Prestone makes a brand just for Honda and Acuras

It's in the bottom of the power steering fluid reservoir. It's part of the reservoir.

8th gen civic si's have electric power steering,

You can buy this fluid at Parts Source. They have many brands to choose from and will even help you if you need instructions to do it yourself.

I highly recommend you use nothing but genuine Honda Power Steering fluid. You can buy it lots of places other than a Honda dealer. Use any other fluid at your own risk.

Honda does not list changing P/S fluid as a regular schedule maintenance item at any time. I would change it at 100,000 miles and use only Honda P/S fluid.

Back in the 80's or earlier you could use automatic transmission fluid in the power steering pump. But the newer cars use a different fluid altogether. As in the case of Honda you must be sure to use "only" fluid specifically labeled to meet Honda specs. Please ck your owners manual for the proper fluid.

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