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I'm 15, 5'7', 115 lbs, and my measurements are 34-24.5-35, I think the average for women is 37-27-40

average male

2 years old

31 inches

28.4 lbs

3 years old

33 inches

33 lbs

4 years old

37 inches

35 -37 lbs

5 years old

40 inches

41.8 lbs

6 years old

42 inches

46.2 lbs

7 years old

44 inches

50.6 lbs

8 years old

45 inches

57.2 lbs

9 years old

49 inches

61.6 lbs

10 years old

51 inches

70.4 lbs

11 years old

52 inches

77 lbs

12 - 13 years old

58 - 62 inches

85 - 100 lbs

14 - 15 years old

63 - 66 inches

105 - 125 lbs

16 - 17 years old

67 - 70 inches

130 - 150 lbs

18 - 20 years old

68 - 70 inches

150 - 160 lbs

average female

2 year old

30 inches

28.4 lbs.

3 year old

33 inches

30.8 lbs.

4 year old

37 inches

35.2 lbs.

5 year old

40 inches

39.6 lbs.

6 year old

41 inches

46.2 lbs.

7 year old

43 inches

50.6 lbs.

8 year old

45 inches

57.2 lbs.

9 year old

47 inches

63.8 lbs.

10 year old

51 inches

70.4 lbs.

11 year old

52 inches

79.2 lbs.

12 - 13 years old

60 - 63 inches

95 - 105 lbs.

14 - 15 years old

63 - 64 inches

105 - 115 lbs.

16 - 17 years old

64 inches

115 - 120 lbs.

18 - 20 years old

64 inches

125 - 130 lbs.

IDk is not expectable. A little research would help.

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