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To answer your question out-right; The low retail value of an '82 coupe (non-Collectors edition) ranges from $7800 to $20,925 depending on condition and options, as well as milage and originality. Bolt-on aftermarket body panels, wheels, engine parts actually detract from the value of the vehicle. However, if it's something that you desire, and you're not interested in selling to a puristin the future, I say go for it! I've had more fun in a Corvette that wasn't "stock", because I wasn't as worried about what should happen to my one of a kind, pure, rare, Corvette while driving it on the road. Remember, you get what you pay for in most instances. There are several websites dedicated to the purchase of a Corvette. (What to look for, and the inherant problems of a particular model or year). As far as maintenance costs, it depends what is needed, or more likely what has been done in the past. This answer can't be answered directly, but figure oil changes (Synthetic oil), the differential changes take three pints of oil plus the posi/limited slip additive at about 7500 mile intervals. The regular wear items...brakes, shocks, tires, clutch, tune-ups etc. It's a little more costly to maintain a Corvette than some other vehicles, but the fact that you can still buy almost any part, for almost any model makes it unlike most any other vehicle. AND they're fun to drive!

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Q: What are the average prices for a exec cond 1982 Corvette and what should you expect to pay yearly to keep it well maintained?
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