What are the bad things about dogs?

Well, in my opinion, many things. But, here are a few.

One, it takes a while to train a puppy to go to the

bathroom outside. So, for a few weeks, you will be getting stains

on your carpet.

When dogs are puppies, and are teething, they may have a tendency to chew on things. But usually it'll only be things like wood, shoes or paper, carpet, couches, pillows, etc.

This may not be the case for all dogs, but some breeds of dogs have

been taught to fight and kill; so can be a little more aggressive. But these dogs, if trained and raised properly can still be perfect family pets, such as pit

bulls (The pit bull was once known as the nanny dog because it got on so well with children) and rottweilers.

Keep these in mind when looking for dogs, or a perfect pet! Hope I