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What are the bad things of being a music producer?


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January 16, 2008 4:08PM

It becomes a job just like any other job, which sucks the fun out of music. It becomes creatively draining over time, but you still need to get results and meet deadlines so you have to work through it which can be very frustrating. Working with some clients can be miserable (others can be great though, it just depends). You often (and by often I mean nearly every session) end up acting like a psychologist as much as a producer. That's just part of the job though, massaging egos and building confidence and putting out fires. The hours are brutal, particularly if you like seeing friends, loved ones, etc and having any kind of normal life. If you are sick with a head cold or something, working is awful on your ears, but because of deadlines and schedules, you often have to suck it up and work anyway (which actually isn't fair to your clients since your hearing is impaired). My advice to help minimize the negative side of the job is to take time off regularly. The money is great so it's hard to turn it down, but time off will help keep you fresh, creative, and motivated. Exercise every day and try to eat well - this business keeps you stuck in a chair for long hours and typically involves eating bad food and drinkng too much, so do what you can to take care of yourself.