What are the bad things that they say about Mormons?

Many things that people say against Mormons simply come from someone who is uninformed or has a different opinion. This does not mean that it is bad, but it is often offensive.

Those who are uninformed or misinformed often say:

-Mormons are polygamist (this practice was banned by the church over 120 years ago in 1890)

-Mormons dont believe in the Bible (Mormons consider the King James Version of the Bible as sacred scripture and are encouraged to study it daily)

-Mormons don't believe in Jesus (Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior, just like all Christians)

-Mormons are cultish (Mormons live and dress and act just like most anyone else in society. They do not live on compunds, etc.)

-Mormons worship Joseph Smith (Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, just like Moses or Abraham, not a god to be worshipped)

-Mormons kidnap, brainwash, coerce, etc (Mormons wish everyone to make their own decisions, and define their standards by Scripture)

Those who have different opinions and say things that are offensive to Mormons often say:

-Mormons are not Christian (Mormons are not traditional Protestant Christians, but they do still believe in the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ.)

-Mormons are lying (Mormons honestly believe they are telling the truth)

-Mormonism is a pyramid scheme (Mormons believe in paying a Tithe and in missions work to gain converts, but believe this is Biblically based and do not seek converts for monetary gain)

-Mormons are unbiblical (Mormons believe that they are following the Bible very strictly, but the Bible can be interpreted differently by different people)

-Mormonism is false (this is obviously just an opinion, but one that is often offensive to those who honestly believe)