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Women do not have testicles- or they would not be a woman. Where the testicles produce sperm, a woman's ovaries produce eggs.

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What role did women take in World War 1?

Women stayed home and sucked my balls. My big hairy balls.

What are sheep balls called?

Sheep 'balls" are called testicles; as are bovine "balls" and human "balls". "Balls" of the bovine persuasion, when prepared and cooked, are called Rocky Mountain Oysters, and sheep testicles are called "Shearer's oysters".

Do women like balls?

It all depends on the woman: * Some of the more sporty women may prefer tennis balls,volleyballs, exercise balls, stress relief balls, etc... * Other women may prefer balls of cash, balls of foiled chocolate and caramel or the decorative crystal balls we place into vases on the mantle...etc * Those women into movies may prefer Balls of Fury, Great Balls of Fire or Spaceballs. * The rugged, outdoorsy woman may prefer balls of twine, balls of rope or balls of barbed wire all depending on her mood and what she intends to do. So, in general everyone likes some kind of ball, but unless your question is specific, you can't get a specific answer.

Can a woman have balls?

No because women don't have penis's and if we don't have a penis, we can't have balls

What are those big plastic balls that you can get inside and roll downhill called?

There are a number of names for the balls - generally they are called zorbing balls or OGOs.

What are balls strikes outs and walks called?

Well, they are called balls, strikes, outs, and walks.

Is there a proggrame on tv called golden balls?

yes there is a proggrame on tv called golden balls

What were plastic balls with holes called in 1960s?

balls with holes were invented in 1953 and were dubbed "Wiffle Balls."

Why are they called golf balls?

They are balls used...in golf. That's it. No particular reason.

Can women get a equiviant to blue balls?

Yes. I got it on my penis. It stings.

What are balls of falling ice from the sky?

The balls of falling ice from the sky is called hail.

Why don't girls have balls?

Girls don't have balls or testicles because their anatomy is different. Women have different body parts than men do.

Is the basketball hoop the same size for women and men basketball?

Yes, the ring is the same size for women as for men. However, women use smaller balls.

What is the code So you can Get Master balls?

when you get the action replay it comes with a code called get 900 of all poke balls that includs master balls

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