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What are the basic beliefs of Islam Religion?


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The Articles of Faith in Islam are:

Believe in the Oneness of Allah (Tauheed)

Believe in His Books (Qur'an, Torah etc)

Believe in His Angels (Jibreel, Mika'eel, etc)

Believe in His Prophets (Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Muhammad, etc)

Believe in Destiny

Believe in the Day of Judgment (Qayamat)

Believe in Resurrection (Being brought back to life after death for Qayamah)

The Pillars of Islam are:

Shahadah - (Testifying that Allah is lone worthy of worshiping, the One, having no partners and Prophet Muhammad is the slave and messenger of Allah)

Salah - Prayers, 5 times a day.

Saum - Fasting, obligatory for adults in the month of Ramadan

Zakat - Obligatory Annual charitable tax for every Muslim who possesses more than the specified amount for a year [excluding daily living expenses].

Hajj - Pilgrimage to Makkah. Obligatory once in a life time on every adult earning Muslm who has the financial capability to go for pilgrimage)

Hope that answers your question.

And Allah knows best.
The Five Pillars of Islam are:

1. Shahadat: [testimony that there is no god except Allah (God) the One and Only One, having No Partner whatsoever. And Muhammad is His servant and Messenger],

2. Salah: (praying five times a day)

3. Zakah: (specific compulsory charity-2,5% of annual savings),

4. Saum: (fasting during Ramadan)

5. Hajj: (pilgrimage) for each Muslim once in lifetime those who can afford it.