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There is basic agreement on what is accepted to be Hinduism whilst there is great diversity between different schools. These are the law of Karma (each person brings the 'effect' of their actions in their past live/lives into this one and one's deeds into this one will affect our next birth), re-incarnation (life is a cycle of birth and death until this is broken by one's efforts to rid ourselves of all our desires to achieve liberation (moksha)), most people still believe in the Caste System (although several reformers including Gandhi have attempted to eradicate this) - that one's station in life is due also to our past actions (karma) and that one should attempt become 'egoless' by continuous service (can be work) and self-sacrifice. Arya Samaj reject idol worship and caste barriers altogether. Hinduism is montheistic.

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What is hinduisim?

I don't Know, so go to one of these sites: http:/ http:/ http:/ http:/ and the best for younger people (the basics), Happy hunting!!!

Who is the person of Hinduism?

if you mean who was the founder of Hinduism, nobody knows the answer to it. All Hindus or people who practise Hinduism are 'people of Hinduism'.

Who was a founder of Hinduism?

There is no founder of Hinduism. Hinduism was created by Lord Brahma himself.

Who is the founder of the Hinduism?

There is no founder of Hinduism.

How is Hinduism unique?

because its hinduism

Is Hinduism monothiestic?

No. Hinduism is not monotheistic.

What country is 80 percent Hinduism?

80% of Hinduism is found in India were Hinduism was "born".

When did Hinduism was founded?

There is no known founder of Hinduism. Hinduism dates back to Vedic times.

How many people bielieve in Hinduism?

No one believes in Hinduism Now. Hinduism is Dead.

What did Hinduism evolve from?

Hinduism evolved from Brahmanism or Religion of Aryans. Hinduism was firstly Brahmanism.

What do hinduism celebrate?

Hinduism celebrates many forms of God. Hinduism celebrates virtues. Hinduism celebrates the times when good things happen. And when something bad is defeated. Hinduism celebrates the existence. Hinduism celebrates the past the present and the future.

Who stared Hinduism?

Hinduism is the religion without any founder. The lord it self is the founder of Hinduism. However Shankaracharya Re United Hinduism.

Why does the religion Hinduism have such a high tolerance for religious flexibility?

Hinduism was born with tolerance, Because Hinduism as we know today is very different from original Hinduism. Hinduism was born with Aryans invading India.

Who made Hinduism?

Nobody. Hinduism has no founder.

Who began Hinduism?

None, there was no founder of Hinduism

What are the facts about Hinduism?

Hinduism is a religion in India.

Prophet of Hinduism?

The prophet of Hinduism is Krishna.

Who are the Hinduism believers?

Hinduism believers can be anyone.

Hinduism is known as?

Hinduism is a world religion.

Where was Hinduism discovered?

Hinduism was discovered in India

What are the religions of Hinduism?

Hinduism is itself 'the' religion.

Which would you choose Hinduism or buddhism?


Who was the founder of the riligion of Hinduism?

Hinduism has no founder

How do you spell Hinduism?

Hinduism is the correct spelling.

Did Hinduism or Buddhism came first?


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