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What are the basics of Hinduism?



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There is basic agreement on what is accepted to be Hinduism whilst there is great diversity between different schools. These are the law of Karma (each person brings the 'effect' of their actions in their past live/lives into this one and one's deeds into this one will affect our next birth), re-incarnation (life is a cycle of birth and death until this is broken by one's efforts to rid ourselves of all our desires to achieve liberation (moksha)), most people still believe in the caste system (although several reformers including Gandhi have attempted to eradicate this) - that one's station in life is due also to our past actions (karma) and that one should attempt become 'egoless' by continuous service (can be work) and self-sacrifice. Arya Samaj reject idol worship and caste barriers altogether. Hinduism is montheistic.