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What are the beliefs of a penny of the US?


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If you find a penny on the heads side it is good luck if you find a penny on the tails side and pick it up it is bad luck

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Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny.

Lincoln is on this penny.

There are no ridges on a US Penny or the US Nickel, the edges are smooth.

The US one cent used to be much larger, but the size was reduced in 1857.

The face of President Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny.

can you see a picture of a us 1822 penny

The diameter of a US penny is 0.01905 metres

For a good condition 1902 us penny it is worth about $1.00. For a 1902 us penny in bad condition is worth about $0.25.

It is about how old it is so all pennies are worth a penny in 1870s but now it is worth millions

A US Penny is 3.1 grams.

No, there is no silver in a 1817 US penny.

A Penny..the other day I found a penny from the 20s. Its still a penny not much as changed.

There is no 1873 wheat penny. It is an Indian head penny.

The first US wheat penny minted was the regular 1909.

No it's not. They are very common.

Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. No other president has been featured on a U.S. penny.

There are a few hings about the history of a penny. A penny was the first made currency from the US.

the most valuable is the penny in the us has a head on the front and back hope this helped :) :) :) :) :)

The US coin looks very much like a modern US penny

A penny weighs more than a dime. Current US Penny: 2.500 grams Current US Dime: 2.268 grams

This is a penny made by the US mint in 1898.

Is it a US penny? If so is there a mint mark?

The middle of the penny weighs the most.

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