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Either way you are going to get locked into paying. With prepaid if you don't use the minutes you paid for they will expire.

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Q: What are the benefits of a post paid cell plan versus pre-paid?
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What is the difference between a prepaid account and an accrual account?

In prepaid accounts cash is paid before and benefits are taken later while in accrual accounts benefits are taken before but cash is paid later.

What are some benefits of prepaid Verizon phones?

One of the major benefits of a prepaid Verizon phone is that in general, they are cheaper per month. You would be able to stop the phone service whenever you want and not have to pay to end the contract, seeing that pre-paid have no contract.

What are the best options for a prepaid cell phone plan?

Pre-paid cellphone do not have plans. You buy prepaid cards and load them to your pre-paid cellphone. If you are asking what brands of cellphone/cellphone services are best for this type of phone, you can check Virgin Mobile, Cricket and Tracfone. They offer prepaid cellphones.

How do you use a prepaid cell phone?

A prepaid cell phone is easy to use. You have to buy minutes, either through your provider or on a calling card, and then register those minutes into your phone. You will only be able to talk for the amount of time that you have paid for.

what are the benefits of pre paid cell phones?

The benefits of a pre paid cell phone are that you never go over what you plan on paying for and you are current on how much your phone is costing you. The are many disadvantages too though.

Why would someone use prepaid over postpaid?

Using a prepaid card can have benefits compared to post-paid for a few different reasons. One of the main ones is if the person does not use their phone very often, using a prepaid will allow you to control how much you can spend. If you have a post paid plan, you will have to pay a set amount made by the company.

Do your minutes expire if you dont use them for a Verizon prepaid cell phone?

No, you have paid for the minutes so you have them until they are gone. Do not worry about them being taken from you. This isn't like a cell phone bill, you have already paid for these minutes.

What is the journal entry for prepaid expense when cash is not paid?

prepaid expenses are those expenses for which cash is paid in advance but if there is no cash payment then that is not prepaid expense and hence no entry required.

Are there any cell phones that take pictures that are prepaid?

Yes,some of the pre paid trac phones do take decent pictures

What types of mobile phones are available with prepaid cell phone service?

With pre-paid cell phone service you will typically have the same phones as post-paid service. The big difference being that there will be no discounts on the phones for having a contract.

What does prepaid cell phone mean?

A prepaid cell phone is one where the service is paid for in advance. When you run out of minutes and/or text messages, the phone simply stops working. Often, you can recharge them. They are useful if you want to give them to children and not have to worry about them running up a large bill.

Prepaid vs post paid?

Prepaid plan is best because 1) Noone could know where we R calling how much we have spent 2)The security charges in the post paid are eliminated in the prepaid

What is prepaid insurance?

insurance not yet paid

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid?

Post paid:- In which we paid after use the service each end of the month Prepaid:-In which we paid before use the service. and pay when ever the credit ends.

how to get a prepaid phone at the honolulu airport?

You can purchase pre paid cell phones and reload cards at several of the gift shops in the Honolulu airport.

Are prepaid cell phones easier to maintain than a normal contracted phone?

Pre paid cell phones are not under contract they are month to month. Some companys offer plans suitable for a person or families needs. It is much easier to switch a provider with prepaid plans.

Can I gift prepaid cell phone plans?

For prepaid cell phone plans you do not have to be tied up with a contract. There are many out there that offer great service and good deals on minutes. Try looking at Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and T-mobile's pre paid plan accounts.

Where can someone go to find a pre paid lawyer?

One can find prepaid lawyers and information about prepaid legal services at Legal Shield, Pre-Paid Legal, Countrywide PPLS and Prepaid Legal Services.

What is the prefix for the word paid?

Prepaid, overpaid or underpaid

Are pre paid cell plans more affordable than post paid plans?

It seems that prepaid phones are more affordable than post paid plans but in reality they are not. There are some pretty cheap plans for phones that have a contract. Some plans would make save more than the prepaid ones. You should do a search about the companies and compare.

Where can I buy a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell minute card?

Virgin Mobile offers it's pre-paid cell cards at retailers nationwide. Stores such as Target and Wal-Mart carry these.

What is a pre paid cell phone plan?

A prepaid cell phone plans lets you pay for your minutes. If you pay $20 for a plan for twenty-cents a minute, you will get 500 minutes total for your plan.

Is the enV2 prepaid?

Yes You Can Get The Env2 Pre Paid

What is a prepaid ticket?

Paid in advance like online.

What is a cell phone provider that offers pre paid phones?

Most cell phone providers offer pre paid cell phone plans. They all have similar features in their plans. The 4 best rated plans according to consumer research are listed at this site