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Cardio Exercise

What are the benefits of cardiovascular exercise?


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Any activity that increases your heart and respiration rates for a specific period is cardiovascular exercise. The heart is a muscle. Like all muscle, to remain strong it needs to be worked. When a heart is not worked, it can weaken over time. This can cause a variety of health problems. You can maintain heart health by getting it to pump at a faster rate on a regular basis. This can be achieved through cardio exercise. Cardio exercise also burns more calories. Hence, it can also be used to promote weight loss or to avoid weight gain.

There are different degrees of cardio from mild to intense. Cardiovascular exercise (often shortened to cardio exercise) is aerobic exercise that involves processing oxygen.

Therefore, progressive cardio training will improve how your heart, lungs and circulatory system work, which means that you will become fitter. Cardio exercise can improve stamina, physical and mental health, and work to prevent or control such conditions as osteoporosis, unwanted weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Cardio exercise helps to improve col-laterals formation in the cardiac vessels It works as natural bye-pass .

Here are a some examples of the benefits of cardio exercise:

  1. increased metabolism
  2. regular sessions reduce body fat and lower blood pressure
  3. improved heart health
  4. reduces the risk of heart disease
  5. improved recovery ability from illness or injury
  6. releases hormones that help ease depression and fatigue
  7. releases hormones that help control or decrease appetite
  8. management of diabetes or prevention of diabetes
  9. increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin
  10. helps reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis
  11. weight control
  12. skeletal system strengthened by weight-bearing activities (walking, jogging, etc).

It is important to do cardio exercise at the right intensity. This should be not too low and not too high.

Below are the free cardio plans and instructions to show you how to do it.

  1. Free Cardio Walking Plan 1 (the easier plan)
  2. Free Cardio Walking Plan 2 (the harder plan)
  3. Free Intense Cardio and Exercise Plan 3
  4. How the Benefits of Exercise are Like the Fountain of Youth

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