What are the benefits of high ground in ancient warfare?

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high ground is useful in battle because the enemies would have to fight upward towards you and you would have the advantage of fighting donwards. knights/cavalry weren't as effective because both the rider and the horse would tire easier.
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How did the Ancient Macedonian Army revolutionise warfare?

Phillip II of Macedon revolutionized the Macedonian army andwarfare in the Ancient world. Phillip II made military service afull time occupation which allowed the men to train constantly andbecome a cohesive group. He also innovated the phalanx technique byintroducing new weapons such as a longer sp ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of a high protein diet?

the benefits of protein are the increase of muscles in body, building the cells, and repairing of tissues which are damaged(cuts, wounds, scratches).

How high is it from the ground to the sky?

This cannot be defined, as there is no definite point at whichsomething is considered in the sky. The blue you see is not a solidblue, but a result of the scattering of light in the atmosphere. Ifyou were to travel upward for long enough, you would see that bluegradually fade to the black of outer s ( Full Answer )

Why are reservoirs built on high ground?

Reservoirs are built on high ground to take advantage of gravity and the effect it has on the water stored up there. Gravity pulls down on the water, and no pumps are required to pressurize a water main hooked up to that reservoir. Yes, pumps are needed to lift the water, but the storage unit can be ( Full Answer )

What benefits can you get in art after high school?

Art class can offer several benefits that will help in real lifeafter school. Art helps to develop a sense of pride andachievement, develops time management skills, and develops aperson's hands-on abilities.

How high is the backboard from the ground?

The rim of a basketball net is always a standard 10 feet from the ground, whereas the backboard is not. Glass backboards generally don't extend lower than a few inches below the rim, making them somewhere over 9 feet from the ground.

How was ancient Roman warfare significant?

The evolution of ancient Roman warfare was the main force behind a long list of foreign conquests. This was the significance of that warfare. To summarize some of its military strengths and innovations that notable for its time are: * the ability to abandon the phalanx and develop the "legion" as ( Full Answer )

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When i wrestled in High School, i got into the best shape of my life. if you wrestle, and stick with it i guarantee that you will be in the best shape of your life. Football makes you gain weight by lifting and eating. usually by putting on body fat. But, when you wrestle, you are encouraged to keep ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of high water activity?

It is easy to see the shortfalls of high water activity when you look at water activity only as a way to control the growth of bad bacteria, but what if you want bacteria to actually grow in your product? The other thing is that texture depends upon water activity, so if you need to change your text ( Full Answer )

How high from the ground are stratus clouds?

When something is described as a "A cloudy day" it is usually stratus clouds . They are often mistaken as plain fog and are very low in the sky. Though I'm not completely sure, I think stratus clouds are normally ground level to 6,000 feet.

What were the scribes in ancient Egypt benefits?

The scribes got to serve the pharaohs and be appreciated by the pharaohs.anyone in the social pyramid can become a scribe but the parents had to pay for you to go to scribe school and learn all of the hieroglyphics and symbols for all the Egyptian letters.

Does ground have a high resistance?

It depends on the definition of resistance and the definition of ground. If you are referring to resistance as in resistance to electric current, the answer will be different than if you are referencing resistance as in friction. Also, the ground is not consistent. There are many types of "ground." ( Full Answer )

What are benefits from graduating high school?

there are more job opportunities than without it. as well as you can get into college and further your education. what he/she said ^.^ you get alot from graduating high school, but you get alot more when you graduate from college. Highschool may be boring. but it is all worth it in the end. (:

How do you injest ground nutmeg to get high?

I personally have tried nutmeg, and I'll have to say, it was a quite fun but memorable exerience. I took like 2 teaspons following with a gulp of milk to help wash it down. It took about 6 hours to kick in, and for some even more, but when it did, it was well worth it. Music was awesome, colors were ( Full Answer )

How did warfare change in ancient times?

Warfare changed in various ways during ancient times. For example,Roman legions revolutionized warfare through the tactics andformations they used.

Why is you weight less on high ground?

You are farther from Earth, so there is less gravity. Usually this effect should be quite insignificant. But it maybe significant if you are an astronaut going into space.

What are the benefits to finishing high school?

Making more money in your life. A person who doesn't finish high school makes a great deal less than a high school grad. The more you learn, the more you earn. It is that simple.

Land warfare in ancient Greece?

They used infantry and cavalry. After the Persian wars they also used archers (the Greeks didnt like bows as they consider it a coward's weapon, but after they experience how damaging it is they adopt it). The infantry had light (peltastes) and heavy (hoplites) soldiers and the main unit was the p ( Full Answer )

How high is there shoulder off the ground?

I was on my knees in a snow-covered field. The gun was almost flat to the ground when it hit. I was really stunned when I picked it up in 2 pieces and still loaded. A gunsmith looked at it and said the grain sure does look faulty.

How ground and air warfare had changed from World War I to 2?

well in world war 1 ground warfare was all in the trenches. one group would be in one trench and another in theres. they would charge at each other across a field called the no mans land and try to take each others trench. as for the air we were limited to dog fights and very rarly bombings. now dur ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of a diet high in fiber?

It helps you go to the toilet and do number 2s. That means that faeces doesnt stay in your gut which could cause constipation and may predispose to infection post compaction

What benefits did ancient Egyptian scribes get?

The scribes, scholars and priests of ancient Egypt were one in the same. They had no "benefit" system as you would see provided by an employer today, but they were provided for by the Pharoh. They lacked NOTHING!

How high does a helicopter fly from the ground?

Usually you don't fly higher than 12,000 feet in a helicopter, because of the lack of oxygen at those high altitudes. However, there is a world record, holding up for 40 years: On June 12, 1972 Jean Boulet piloted the Aerospatiale SA-315 Lama to a helicopter absolute world altitude record of 4 ( Full Answer )

What was ancient Greek warfare like?

A typical Greek soldier would have heavy plate armor and a helmet, a shield, and a sword or very long spear. They were called hoplites, and made up the bulk of the army. They stood in a Phalanx formation, where soldiers would stand in a line with shields raised and weapons pointed forward to provide ( Full Answer )

What is a ground rent lease and what are the benefits of it?

A ground rent lease is when the owner of the land leases it for a period of 99 years, in return for a annual payment from the lessee, someone owning a building on the land. If you want to redeem the land, there is a one-time payment of $1500 to $3000 to avoid the $90 to $150 annual lease payment.

Who benefits from high movie prices?

No-one. There is no reason for high movie prices. That's why people don't go to the movies really anymore and Hollywood tried to get away with censoring the internet, thus violating human rights in the US. I will not go to the movies because of high ticket prices, high snack/concession prices, crapp ( Full Answer )

Why was the high ground important at Gettysburg?

Because then it's easier to aim for the person who are at the bottom. And the people at the bottom can't see what's coming towards them and people at the top could duck but the people at the bottom might not see.

Was all ancient science driven by warfare?

No, people have always had other interests than war, which they have advanced by means of scientific research of various kinds. People like to construct buildings and roads and aqueducts etc., they like to have better containers to store food or to serve it, better clothing to wear, better farming a ( Full Answer )

What benefits are there from using a benefit high beam?

The benefits of using a product like benefit high beam are many. First, the product helps create a healthy, pink and radiant complexion. Second, it adds a sheen to your face that is not oily, but reflective and luminous. This product helps add highlights and glow to your face in combination with y ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of high definition video?

The benefits of High Definition (HD) video are that it primarily has a better picture than a Standard Definition video would. Therefore, you are likely to see more detail with a high definition video than you would if you were to watch it in the standard version.

What are the benefits of high yield bonds?

The best benefits of high yield bonds are they are issued by low credit organizations, they are a leading agency, and they work to protect your debt .

What is the benefit of UPS ground tracking?

UPS offers a tracking number for ground shipments that allow you to determine the location of your package from the moment it leaves their store. This is convenient over other shipping companies like USPS because you can better determine where you package is at and if it is on time for its expected ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of high sleepers?

HIgh sleeper beds also know as lofts and very comfortable to thgose who like them or have them.Now Everybody may not like them and these are not for everybody so this is directed toward cerian people.

What are the benefits of high resolution images?

There are many benefits of high resolution images; some of these benefits include more detail, reduction in video noise, increased smoothness in interlaced video, and more accurate inverse telecine.

How did ancient warfare blend into a transition to medieval warfare?

The weapons were similar, the motives were similar, and the termsancient and mediaeval are merely modern words we use to describeeras before and after the magic year 500 CE, which is jist a numberpicked out of the air roughly coinciding with the demise of thewestern Roman Empire and the dramic drop ( Full Answer )

How did terrain and weather affect ancient warfare?

Rougher terrain was favoured by armoured infantry to protect themfrom cavalry and vice versa. However rough terrain also made itdifficult for a phalanx to maintain its tight formation, which ledto the Romans developing open formations. Very wet weather made it difficult for cavalry and impeded infan ( Full Answer )