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What are the benefits of hiring you over someone else?

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How do you get over a girl that is dating someone else?

Go date someone else yourself

How do you get over someone you was not in a relationship with?

Go out with someone else

What is someone who watches over someone else called?

a babysitter

What to do if you're gay and you like your gay friend but he likes someone else?

Accept the fact and get over it. You can still be friends, just no benefits. Happens all the time.

What does Get over someone get under someone else mean?

to 4get abt them nd move on with some1 else

What do you do if someone you hate likes you?

tell them to get over you and date someone else.

What if payee wants to pass on a cheque to someone else?

i have a payee only cheque can i sign it over to someone else

How do you win a girl that is taken?

No body wins when a partner is won over by someone else. If you was to win her over, chances are, someone else could win her over from you. You have to watch out for people like that.

How do you get over someone you cant have?

Find someone else to care about that also cares about you.

What do you do if someone you love loves someone else?

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

When someone is trying to get over a loved one with someone else What is it called?


How do you get over an ex when they are falling for someone else?

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

What if she has a boyfriend?

then get over it, move on and find someone else.

How to get over someone you love?

You can never really get over someone you love. It's just sometimes you have too and there is someone else out there who will love you again.

What should you do in order to move on?

Best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!

Why cheating is not wrong?

It is wrong because it hurts the person you are with. You are betraying them by kissing someone else. You are picking someone else over them and it hurts their feelings.

When are emails used?

Emails are used when someone needs to get a message to someone else over the computer.

You are in love with someone who is now in love with someone else how do you get over him?

You should find another lover.

What should you do if you really like someone but they cant seem to get over someone else?

you talk about mccain

How do you get over someone who is married to another?

You party all night in Vegas, till you are married to someone else. You party all night in Vegas, till you are married to someone else.

If a boy you liked for years rejects you when you ask him out what do you do to get over him?

To get over him you can try finding someone else.

How to know if he is really over you?

He finds someone else to share things with,AND IT IS NOT YOU!

If your seeing a guy but kiss someone else is it over?

Only if he finds out.

What do you do when your boyfriend leaves you and you really love him?

Get over it and find someone else.

How do you stop your feelings for this girl?

try to get over her and go out with someone else

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