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What are the benefits of non-chlorine shock powder vs liquid chlorine to shock pool water?

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After non-chlorine shock there is not any waiting time for swimming. Though it is still best to add it in at night, you could add anytime and swim right away.

2011-05-28 02:44:02
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Is chlorine liquid?

It can come in a powder form but must be mixed with liquid (primarily water) to be used for most purposes

Can chlorine freeze?

yes, but it depends if you have a liquid or powder clorine yes, solid chlorine blocks can be bought at stores to throw into swimming pools to clean them.

How long after adding liquid chlorine to your pool is it safe to swim?

My pool store said wait 5 hours, but it probably depends on the amount and concentration (liquid or powder).

What is the oxilation state of chlorine in bleaching powder caocl2?

The oxidation state of chlorine in bleaching powder would be zero.

What is the liquid powder extinguisher used for?

There is no liquid powder extinguisher on the market.

Is borax liquid or powder?


What is available chlorine?

The quantity of chlorine released by a bleaching powder when treated with acid.

Is chlorinated Paraffin wax liquid or solid form?

Chlorinated Paraffin wih chlorine content more than 67-69 % , its powder form. Other grades with Chlorine below 65% is liquid...More details contact : .......they supply Chlorinated Paraffins

WHATS BETTER TO USE Liquid or powder chlorine?

I like using Liquid my self because I imagine that the powdered stuff will cause calcium to build up in the water. you do have to be more careful with liquid as it splashes easily into eyes and clothing.

What is meant by available chlorine in bleaching powder?

Usually it relates to hypochlorites content in the product. Available chlorine is the quantity of chlorine that can hypothetically be produced by reaction of bleaching powder with hydrochloric acid. Greater the available chlorine is - greater oxidation ability the bleaching powder has. For example, available chlorine 5% means that fixed amount of something can be oxidized by (100/5)X=20X grams of bleaching powder and the same can be done with only X grams of pure chlorine.

What is the percentage of available chlorine bleaching powder?

34% available chlorine-30%-40%

Is acetic anhydride powder or liquid?


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Mascara is a powder, not a liquid.

Is powder a gas or a liquid?

Powder is considered a solid, not a gas, nor a liquid. it is actually a solid

Is tobacco a powder or liquid?

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No,powder called powdred solid

Why does bleaching powder smell of chlorine when exposed to air?

When the air is moist, it activates the chlorine smell.

Preparation of 0.5 chlorine solution?

The following method will give 0.5% Chlorine solution Materials required: 1 litre water and 3 tsp bleaching powder.(see that it is 33.3% Chlorine) Add three teaspoon bleaching powder, make a paste with hand, after adding a small quantity of water.(there shall be no solids felt) Add remaining water. The resultant liquid will appear something like toddy. Now you have 0.5% Chlorine solution

Is hot chocolate powder a solid or liquid?

All powders are solids. You cannot powder a liquid.

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Name the substance which on treatment with chlorine yields bleaching powder?

What is the oxidation state of chlorine in bleaching powder?

+1 and -1

What percentage of chlorine in fresh bleaching powder is?

30 -35

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