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Using a traditional charcoal grill is inexpensive and helps flavor the food with that smoky barbecue flavor, especially if you use wood chips. Wood chips can be burned down into charcoals and then used alone or in addition to the charcoal for a distinctive smoky flavor. Advantages to using a charcoal grill are that they are usually inexpensive and there is the added smoky flavor.

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2010-04-13 19:41:27
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Q: What are the benefits of owning a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill?
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What benefits can I get for using barbecue charcoal grill?

Many say that the benefits of a barbecue charcoal grill would be the true barbecue flavor that you get from a charcoal grill. Some people prefer a gas grill over a charcoal grill strictly for the convenience, but a charcoal grill will give you a great barbecue flavor when you cook your foods on it.

Why would I purchase a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill?

One of the primary reasons people choose a charcoal grill over a gas grill is because they can use different types of wood chips or charcoal to help flavor their meat.

What are some of the benefits of BBQing on a charcoal grill over a gas grill?

Charcoal grills are cheap Authentic BBQ flavor Charcoal grills are cheap Tradition And did I mention charcoal grills are way cheaper? The flavor of cooking on a charcoal grill and smoke can not be matched by a gas grill. The greatest advantage of using charcoal instead of gas is the taste of the food. Gas-grilled food does have a great taste, although it isn't the same as charcoal-grilled. It's true that charcoal grills are less expensive, but the charcoal can be pretty expensive, especially if you grill out often. You also face the problem of not having any charcoal when you decide to grill out and have to make a special trip to buy some. The ease and convenience are what makes the gas grill more advantageous.

What are the advantages of propane versus charcoal for an outdoor grill?

If you are using propane, the benefits of it are that it lasts much longer for your grill than a bag of charcoal and is often cheaper.

What are the benefits of a portable charcoal grill?

Portable charcoal grills have many benefits. They can be cleaned easily. Also, they are great to take to picnics for family occasions. Storage is much easier than a large grill during the winter months.

Benefits of Charcoal Grills?

There are a lot of reasons to use charcoal grills instead of gas grills. First of all, charcoal grills are much easier to clean and use than gas grills. Secondly, they are able to use a much wider array of fuels than gas grills. You can use everything from charcoal to actual wood in a charcoal grill. This means you will not ever be stuck without fuel that you can use in your grill.

Where can I get a charcoal grill?

You can find a charcoal grill at Home Depot,Lowes, Costco and online at Amazon or You will have to purchase your charcoal separate from the grill.

What makes BBQ gas grills better than BBQ charcoal grills?

The benefits of a gas grill over a charcoal grill are minimal if you are a seasoned barbeque'er. However, the gas grill can give you a more even cooking surface on which to cook and the smoke of meat drippings is virtually invisible compared to that of a charcoal. There is the advantage of not having to wait until coals are hot with the gas grill like you would with the charcoal.

Which is better, a charcoal barbecue grill or a gas barbecue grill?

Charcoal grills are nice to have. Some advantages is that you can purchase different kinds of flavored charcoal for the grill. Also a small portable charcoal grill is ideal for camping.

What accessories are needed with a portable charcoal grill?

Well there are a lot of accessories that are needed with a portable charcoal grill. They include: grill covers, barbecue tool sets, and the charcoal to fuel the portable charcoal grill. However, there is a likely chance that you will be able to purchase the accessories for a great deal when you are purchasing it with your portable charcoal grill.

Where can you find Weber charcoal round grill liners?

Where can i find a liner for the bottom of the grill not the grill itself but the charcoal pit

Over time, is it cheaper to operate a gas grill or a charcoal grill?

Charcoal and gas grills usually cost around the same in the long run. It is more expensive to buy a gas grill, but charcoal to use in a charcoal grill is much more expensive than gas to use in a gas grill.

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