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it makes u strong and healthy and tall and skinny and um....u know all good stuff for ur body n all! :) you need to be able to work as a team you should work out at least 4 times a week and should eat healty you will be in great shape by the time you need to start playing

A study by Danish researches found that soccer players had more fun, shed more fat, built more muscle and were less tired than a comparison group who spent the same amount of time jogging. The researchers selected men with similar health profiles aged 31 to 33 and split them into groups of soccer players, joggers, and couch potatoes - who not surprisingly ended the three-month study in the worst shape. Each period of exercise lasted about one hour and took place three times a week. After 12 weeks, researchers found that the body fat percentage in the soccer players dropped by 3.7 percent, compared to about 2 percent for the joggers. The soccer players also increased their muscle mass by almost 4.5 pounds, whereas the joggers didn't have any significant change. Those who did no exercise registered little change in body fat and muscle mass.

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Q: What are the benefits of soccer?
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Benefits of Playing Soccer?

Some of the benefits of playing soccer are: physical activity, fitness, team work experience, social opportunities, competition, and fun.

How does soccer benefits you?

Soccer can benefit you in many ways. Soccer can increase your athleticism, agility, and can fill some of your spare time.

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You build muscle on your feet.

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making new friends.

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You will become very famous.

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Answerif you have good flexibilty in soccer you are less likely to injure yourself.

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the 3 benefits include : not being fat, not being obese, and lost weight.

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It helps in Your Legs , Arms, heart and lungs

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They get a good weekly salary and perks as well.

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The player's arms, legs, heart and lungs all get a good workout during the average soccer game.

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fitness 2. Agility 3.skilful 4.balancing

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the benefits are you get a lot of money travel the country and fans.

What are the benefits of pro-soccer player?

you get paid lots of money and you are famous ( if your any good )

What are the benefits of starting the soccer at the age of 9?

At 9 years old you can become a good soccer player.

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There are many advantages to playing soccer including learning teamwork, health benefits, and fun. There are also disadvantages because your victories often rely on others and you can get hurt.

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Soccer has many benefits for children at a young age. From the physical aspects, soccer is primarly running and at the least walking. This cardio workout works the heart and lower muscles. As the kids get older, this fitness develops into not only the lower body, but the core and upper body. Socially, soccer also has benefits, in the sense that it is teaching kids to communicate and interact with others. Not only this, but how to work as a team to complete a common goal.

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Money, WAGS, fame, more money, fitness health, physique, travelling.