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Titanium has silver color,after polishing,it looks very beautiful. Also it can be anodized to many colors including Gold,Blue,Black,Purple,Green and Rainbow. It is proved that titanium has Biocompatibility feautures,Skin is not allergic. Baoji HOSN Titanium Co., Ltd.

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The benefits of titanium in necklaces is the fact that "titanium" sounds valuable and special, so people will buy them. It is not rare or valuable though, just very strong

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What are the benefits of the titanium necklace?

For the company selling them, $$$$. For you, nothing.

What is price of titanium necklace?

The price of titanium necklace is depends upon the decorative and designs with amount of alloys used in that necklace. Overall average price of titanium jewellery started from $150 that is available in stores as like tatias

What kind of necklace does Jose Reyes wear on the field?

an orange/blue beaded necklace with titanium

Explain the cords around baseball player's necks?

It's probably a Phiten Necklace...made with titanium, and claims to provide health benefits, energy, etc... http://www.phitenusa.com/

What is the cord around MLB pitchers neck for?

It is a Phiten titanium necklace.

Can you swim with a titanium necklace on?

YES you can swim with it on the chlorine won't harm anything on it

What does a titanium necklace do for your body?

It does absolutely nothing for you. Dumbasses like Trevor believe in the bulls***

What does TI mean stamped on a necklace?

As the Common Metal Marks Stamped Inside Rings, TI=Titanium

Is the titanium power tornado necklace fake?

No they are real I have one but I believe that they do not work they are just a cool thing to wear and to have.

My brother bought a silver necklace but it doesn't have ss or 925 It has Tib and Italy on both ends Is it real or fake?

i believe that the markings "tib" on a chain or necklace means it is not silver it is made from titanium...

What MLB players wear a titanium necklace?

Andrew Mcutchen, Pedro Alvarez....practically the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team.

How does titanium benefit people?

Titanium is an extremely strong substances that benefits people in a lot of ways. It can be used to build sturdy structures that help people for example.

Why do baseball players wear the braided rope necklaces?

it is a titanium necklace that evens out the iron and blood flow in your body. they also wear bracelets

Are there any added benefits to purchasing a rhodium or pewter necklace instead of a gold necklace?

Pewter and rhodium are resilient materials, while gold is easily breakable, and very malleable.

What is the purpose of the braided necklaces many of the major league pitchers are wearing?

Titanium Necklaces One of the latest trends in baseball necklaces includes the Phiten Brand Titanium Necklace. Baseball players report better control, less pain, and more stamina from wearing this special neckwear and bracelet designed in Japan. Aqua Titanium has been popular among Japanese Baseball players for years, and even though there is some scientific debate as to its effectiveness, players can't do without them. Given that baseball is a sport surrounded by superstition, cursed goats, pianos in lakes, unchanged socks, and lucky bats, it doesn't matter whether the Phiten Titanium Necklace can make you better on the field, considering Yogi Berra's immortal quote on how much of the game is mental. Make sure to order your titanium necklace before next year's baseball season, and enjoy it off the field as well. The necklace comes in all MLB team colors and styles, so you can cheer on your team while you enjoy the "energy" effects of these fine necklaces.REFERE TO LINK POSTED @ BOTTOM OF PAGE

What is the electronegativity of titanium?

the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5

What does titanium dioxide do for spots acne?

what does titanium does? what does titanium does?

What is the latin name for titanium?

The latin name for Titanium is Titanium. The Czech name for Titanium is Titan.

What is the chemical formula for titanium sulfide?

TiS for titanium sulfide (titanium(II) sulfide) and TiS2 for titanium disulfide (titanium(IV) sulfide)

What is the name of titanium ore?

The name of titanium ore is titanium.

What are the ingredients to titanium?

Titanium is an element, so its "ingredients" are: titanium.

What product is created from the element titanium?

Titanium is made in to lots of things like jewelry, titanium metal gifts, titanium material, & titanium parts. So, see there a lot of different stuff from titanium. :)

Is titanium dioxide the same as titanium?

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a compound containing the Element, Titanium (Ti) and Oxygen (O)

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