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What are the benefits of uniforms?

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nobody will really ever get teased because you are all wearing the same thing! anybody who teases someone with the same clothes on are dumb because they are basically talking about themselves!

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What are the benefits from using school uniforms?

Nothing there is absolutely no point in school uniforms!

What benefits are gained by schools that wear uniforms?

absolutel none

What are some solutions and benefits on wearing school uniforms?

There are far more benefits of children wearing school uniforms, everyone looks the same and there is no competion between kids to see who looks the best. Good clothes can last longer also

Should school uniforms be required?

The best evidence shows huge benefits for students in schools that require uniforms, so it isn't a matter of if your school will one day require them but more likely when.

What did roman soldiers wear at Jesus crucifixion?

They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.

What are some examples why uniforms are bad for students?

Dirty uniforms, ripped uniforms, and stinky uniforms.

What were confederate uniforms called?

Confederate uniforms, gray wool uniforms

What happens when you wear a school uniform?

School uniforms can be expensive, but they have benefits: 1. You don't have to worry about what to wear. 2. You avoid fashion competition with your peers.

What are the benefits of wearing uniforms?

that it is meant to get people in "Work mode", so you can work more efficiently and don't spend time thinking about what you are going to wear.

What uniforms do meteorologists wear?

scientist uniforms

Is it cheaper to wear uniforms?

Uniforms are cheaper.

What countries have uniforms?

every country has uniforms

Do schools in Myanmar have uniforms?

Yes, they do have uniforms. but, their uniforms are white and green in color and traditional costumes.

Why should uniforms be banned?

uniforms should be banned because, maybe the kids left them at home. what are they going to bring? uniforms are a pain in the *** to be worried about. why bother about uniforms? i go against uniforms in schools. i went to a school that had no uniforms and they still got enough money to go on field trips by selling stuff to us kids so why bother uniforms are a pain to worry about. I hoped this changed your minds about buying uniforms just go to a school with out uniforms...

how much can i claim for work uniforms?

how much can i claim for my work uniforms how much can i claim for work uniforms

There shold be no school uniforms?

there should be no school uniforms

What do you think uniforms or no uniforms?

It depends on the situation and the circumstances.

What do the soldiers in the Chinese army wear?

The dress uniforms are loosely based on Soviet Uniforms, while the current fatigue uniforms are the Type 07 digital pattern uniforms.

Do drafted soldiers get paid?

{| |- | Drafting is the process of filling the ranks of the military. Even the drafted soldiers are paid. They are provided all of the same uniforms, benefits and priveleges of a volunteer. |}

What does death's head look like on the soldiers uniforms in the holocaust?

a skull, but it was not on soldier's uniforms, it was on the uniforms of a divivsion of the SS.

Who designed the Vatican's policemen uniforms?

If you are referring to the uniforms of the Swiss Guard, their uniforms were designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century.

Where can school uniforms be purchased?

school uniforms can be purchehed at buckhead uniforms. they have school uniforms from all diffrent schools in the countys. try looking there. also, they may sell them at your school.

Can Jehovah's Witness wear uniforms?

It actually depends on what uniforms that you are talking about.1. Schools uniforms are allowable2. Military uniforms are not because a Witness would not be part of the military

Where can i get cheap school uniforms for my kids?

You can get cheap school uniforms for your kids at They have alot of deals for school uniforms. Also Zappos and French Toast have cheap school uniforms.

Where can you find uniforms for nurses?

There are many places where one can get uniforms for nurses. Sometimes your place of work will have a company that they want you to buy the uniforms through. However, if one has more options, then they can look at a variety of stores. Some stores where one can find uniforms are: Tafford Uniforms, My Nursing Uniforms, and Scrubs Magazine.