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What are the benefits to homeschooling a child who is already the top of his class and enjoys school?

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Your child will be free to move at his or her own pace. When my parents first pulled me out of public school in the second grade, any worries they had that they might not be doing the right thing dissipated when I flew through a reading textbook in three weeks that my peers were using for the ENTIRE YEAR. This was 18 years ago, when homeschooling was not nearly as popular as it is now, but my parents quickly realized that they were now free to encourage my learning in a way they simply weren't before. When I finished reading Anne Frank, my mother was able to take me to the Holocaust Museum and let me go more in depth on a topic I was suddenly hungry to know more about. That would not have been possible if I was still in public school. If nothing else, homeschooling gives you a better opportunity to be the strongest influence and model of ethics and behavior in your child's life, which is often not the case with school-taught children who are visually and audibly assaulted daily with a parade of negative and inappropriate behavior from their peers.

We have homeschooled our children for several years, and it has been working out great. If the child is interested, there are some upsides to homeschooling. There are the factors of more hands on learning, more field trips, a looser schedule, and a more focused environment. You can do things that are spontaneous. For instance, Jet Blue had a huge special a few months back. We decided to buy tickets, and flew from Florida to New York City. The kids got to go to the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Museum of Natural History, and a couple of other places. We do a lot of field trips that we would not be able to regularly pull them out of school for. We experience very hands on learning. On the other hand, public school is great for some kids. Homeschooling isn't for everyone. If your child is at the top of their class, and enjoying school, you may want to examine why you would consider changing this? Everyone's situation is different. I have two cousins that went to public school. One is now in med school, and the other just graduated as a mechanical engineer. If you are fortunate enough to have a decent public school in your area, and your child is happy and learning, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of it.

2010-09-20 02:46:15
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no you can't i know because im home educated

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What are the benefits to homeschooling your children?

There are many pro and cons to homeschooling your child. You'd get to spend more with your children and you'll get to choose what they learn about and the methods you do it. You can also get to experience field trips and all the fun stuff with your children. Then again, I believe public school will help with your child's socialization skills. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to homeschooling.

Does homeschooling cost more than public school?

depends on the school

How do I convince my mom to let me be homeschooled?

The only way you will convince them of this is by either not being allowed into any other school in the district or convince them that there is no decent school in the area - in both cases they will probably just send you to boarding school. Because of the way homeschooling works, they will be very adverse to homeschooling you; if they had considered it more viable than a proper school, they would have done it already.

What are your homeschooling options for children?

There are many diffrent options such as unschooling, virtual homeschooling, and triditional homeschooling. Unschool is where you create the curiculim and diside what to teach. Virtual homeschooling is the easiest out of all homeschooling in my opinion because you have profesional teachers and the school sends you all the supplies you need (some even send a computer). You may want to look for the best schooling options for you but if you choose virtual homeschooling you may want to try Connections Academy or if you want a virtual private school try WilloStar (or Connections Academy also has a private school)

Public schools better then homeschooling?

I would personally disagree with this statement. I feel homeschooling or home education is better because the learning can be tailored to the childs needs, they have more opportunities to get out into the real world than those in a school, and spend more time with family, who they already have a close bond with instead of in a hostile and unforgiving school environment.

What does Miranda Cosgrove do for school?

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How can you find unbiased information about homeschooling vs public school?

You can't.

Do you need a homeschooling license?

how do you apply for a license in Illinois for a home school

Is private school better than homeschooling?

No, you will be taught at your own pace.

Where can I get a homeschooling curriculum ?

Homeschool used curriculum marketplace and group, event, and activity offers the best homeschooling supplies, curriculum, and textbooks for high school, middle school, and preschool home schooling.

How do I know what materials and resources to use for homeschooling my children?

There are several different materials and resources you can use depending on your personal educational philosophy. One option is to use curriculum published specifically for homeschooling families. Another option would be to contact your local school district and ask them about their homeschooling policy. Many school districts will lend homeschooling families their curricula and textbooks, as may offer access to extracurricular activities or school libraries. In addition, the public library and the Internet are also wonderful resources for homeschooling families. The Internet contains an endless amount of websites specifically geared towards homeschooling and your particular needs.

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What do you think about home school?

im homeschooled, i love it. i went to school and i think homeschooling is much better

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The same age that you start regular school. Some have kindergarden and some don't.Another answer:Or, you have already started as soon as the child was born. Kids learn all the time.

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