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Disney is actually a popular vacation destination for singles and couples, not just families. Several Golf courses mean you don

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Q: What are the best activities for adults at Walt Disney World?
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Who pays for the Walt Disney World fireworks?

Walt Disney World pays for the activities that occur on their property, including the fireworks.

Which Walt Disney World character meals are best for adults?

Most adults won

Who invented Disney World?

Walt Disney invented Walt Disney world and Walt Disney land

What is Pin Trading at Walt Disney World?

While collectable Disney pins can become an obsession for adults, it

Who is Disney World named after?

Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.

Who is more famous James Bond or Walt Disney?

Walt Disney is because the age group that Walt Disney appeals to is mostly everyone. You see adults and kids at DisneyLand but you only see young adults and adults at James Bonds conventions and movies.

Was Walt Disney the first person to lay a brick at Walt Disney World?

No, Walt Disney died before construction of Walt Disney World began.

Who is founder of Walt Disney?

WALT DISNEY is the founder of WALT DISNEY WORLD. hahaha

What was at Walt Disney World when Walt Disney was alive?

Walt Disney died before Walt Disney World opened. Of the 5 Disney resorts worldwide, Walt Disney only ever saw Disneyland, CA.

What was the working name for Walt Disney World?

The "working name"? Walt Disney World is known as Walt Disney World. If you mean its full official name, it's the Walt Disney World Resort.

What should a 13 year old do in Walt Disney World?

Family-friendly activities.

Did Walt Disney find Walt Disney world?


Who is more famous Walt Disney or lady gaga?

Definetly Walt Disney because Walt Disney is extremelly better and appeals to everyone and not just sexist adults.

What are the differences between Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World?

Disney World is more for kids and Universal Studios is more for adults and old kids

How does Walt Disney changed the world?

he doesnt walt disney world is just a world (imagination) of walt disneys

Why do people go to Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is one of the most visited resort destinations in the world because there is something for everyone, from young children to thrill-seeking teens to adults traveling alone.

Who is Disney?

Walt Disney is a world famouseanimator who founded Walt Disney pictures

Was Walt Disney alive when Disney World opened?

No, Walt Disney World died on December 15, 1966. Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971.

Who owns Walt Disney?

The Walt Disney World Company

Why did Walt Disney invennt Disneyland?

Because Walt Disney wanted a place for adults and children to have fun together :D

Who founded Disney World?

Roy Disney, brother of Walt Disney (1899-1966) opened Disney World (now Walt Disney World, or formally The Walt Disney World Resort) near Orlando, Florida in 1971.

Who designed Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World, along with all of the Disney theme parks, was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (formerly WED).

Who created Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney was the creative mind behind Disneyland & Disney World.

Was Walt Disney smart?

YES. Walt Disney is very smart because he created Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land with all the Disney characters.

Which Behind the Scenes tours at Walt Disney World are the best?

The tours are excellent for adults, couples and seniors. They

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