What are the best car models for hilly terrain?

Try the VW Jetta TDI model 2000 through 2004. This is a computer controlled Turbo Diesel with Intercooler European solid build sedan. 40 MPG for me. Max torque at the low end. Unstoppable going up hills. Doesnt bog down at all, and you dont need a "running start" before going uphill. The turbo sucks in as much air as required. I typically go up big interstate hills at 80 mph daily on the way to work, VW will have PASSAT TDI in SPRING SUMMER 2004. This is a bigger sedan that I think you might like more than the smaller sedan Jetta.

Models 2002-2004 have an 80-85K timing belt change interval 2000-2001 are good by they want you to chane 45K miles. They redesigned the pulleys/belts on the newer models.

Agreed, the Jet ta is a great vehicle. However you did not say whether your hilly terrain is on or off road. In my own experience ie..4 mile gravel, off camber, pothole ridden, drive to the house. The Subaru Outback is great.

I would have to say, the Land Rovers are fairly expensive, but are the greatest car you could ever buy for hilly terrain


A Chrysler vehicle... (jeep, dodge or Chrysler) They go through bad terrain like there on a smooth road! I don't agree on the Jet ta because its a sedan and I've test driven one and its not very nice...


The VW Jetta? No! The above this one is completely right. Go for a jeep or even a Range Rover if you can afford one. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I bought it new for $42,000. Great Car with huge Engine and Very Great Off road, on Ice/snow or just hilly Terrain. I drive My jeep in snow the same speed that I drive when its dry out. Doesn't slip or slide