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Anything with AWD. Bigger the better.

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Q: What are the best cars for driving in wintery Minnesota?
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Will the driving of the electric cars be any different?

No, the driving of the cars will not be any different. It will be like driving any old gas car.

Do cars kill people?

cars dont the people driving it does :)

Are self driving cars safer than normal cars?

no, because self driving cars are ALOT more computerized... therefore, there is a bigger chance in a computer malfunction.

How many licensed cars are there in minnesota?

10 10

When did people start driving cars?

Steam cars in 1769, Fuel gas cars in 1805 and Gasoline cars in 1885.

How many cars are registered in Minnesota?

As of 2012, the state of Minnesota had 2,148,272 registered cars, and 241,768 registered motorcycles. The state also had 12,657 registered buses and close to 2,700.000 trucks.

How come new cars are cheaper in California than Minnesota?

Some cars are and it is because of shipping costs.

What makes cars famous?

me driving them

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Cars are used for driving people around and you dont have to walk.

Why have gasoline powered cars not been entirely replaced by electric cars?

Electric cars have a limited driving range.

What game did advertisements in the 1950s show families playing in self-driving cars?

Never heard of any ad on self driving cars in the 50s.

What is the best hybrid SUV for offroad driving?

SUV cars which are used for off road driving need to be very powerful and full hybrid. Some cars which match those criteria are the Lexus RX 450h, the Volkswagen's CrossBlue hybrid SUV and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Do cars pollute the air when driving?


Why do cars feel hot after driving?

The engine...

What does c.o.c. stand for in driving?

city of cars

Used Subaru cars drive the best on what type of terrain?

Well like most cars they drive best on paved roads, but subaru is popular for it's 4 wheel drive capabilities. Most of their models are considered good for off and on road driving.

What are the most popular driving video games?

Mario Cart is probably the best driving game that features wacky characters. Mario Cart is a lot of fun too. The Wii also features Speed Racer and the Cars video games (base on the movie, Cars), that are fun for the younger kids.

Are there cars in Ireland?

Yes, there are cars (and many other types of vehicles) driving on Irish roads.

What are the disadvantages of cars?

They pollute People die driving cars Old cars need to be disposed of

What are the driving rules or restrictions in Massachusetts for cars registered as an antique?

what are the driving rules in massachusetts for cars reistered as antique? JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION.

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Great Cars - 2003 Driving the Future was released on: USA: 29 October 2004

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There are many lists of the best cars in the world. Lists of the best cars in the world can be found on popular on the web sources such as Edmunds and Sports Cars Guru.

How many car crashes are caused by driving and driving each year?

more then 10,000 cars

Can your insurance cover you driving your employers car?

To whom it may concern, Normally, your insurance will not cover you driving your employer's car. Your employer normally or should carry insurance on their company cars. Best Regards, "T"

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