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Best cars to own under 1500 is like a 1995 or lower Toyota Carolla or Honda Civics and Accords. Those cars will run forever. around 130,000 - 150,000 is reasonable mileage on the car and it will be worth buying. But before buying take it to a mechanic and see if everything is still running right,(check engine for noises, transmission for slipping) ask about any reciepts they may have to see if the proper upkeep was done (oil change on time, other fluid changes, belts) Check the tires make sure there not bald,(check brakes and alignment) and Also check inspection sticker, if its a new inspection, it means that its in good enough condition to pass, that's says something about the car. Another thing, which you can do only if your really interested in buying the car, (its not needed) but you can get a car check and It cost maybe the most $20 and you give the VIN # and you can get the Cars history (accidents). So if a car has had 3 diff. engines, broken axels, and a bent frame, you will have a heads up. Happy hunting, Also check out, they are a good site to buy cars.

I just recently sold a 1993 Toyota carolla, 1,000, ran great, just minor body damage (its from age) you cant expect to buy a Perfect show car at that age. i think it had 130,000 miles.

Answer1990 EAII FordFalcon

You can surely get a great deal with second hand cars some of them are less than $500 and still in good condition. Check out some car classifieds in the internet and see the car pricing look for the least expensive one's

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Q: What are the best cars under 1500 dollars?
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Hondas ,Mitsubishi

How much were cars in the 60s?

Most of the cheaper ones were around 1500 to 3000 dollars..

What are the top ten best cars under 3500 dollars?

For under 3500 bucks the top ten cars would be Nissan 300zx, Lincoln town car, ford crown Victoria,

Where can cars under 3000 dollars be found?

Cars under 3,000 dollars can be found in a variety of locations. Among these are used car dealerships, newspaper advertisements and websites such as Craiglist and Ebay.

Where can one find more information about cars under 500 dollars?

There are many places to find cars priced at under 500 dollars. A good place to start is on Craigslist. Another good place to check is at auctions for used cars.

Where can one find cars under 5000 dollars?

You can find cars under 5000 dollars online using a used car site.You could also have someone close to you sell you the car easily and that way it will be from a trustworthy person.

Where can I find cheap pre-owned cars for under five thousand dollars?

There are many resources for finding pre-owned cars in your area. Auto-trader is a very good resource for this particular task. Finding a car for under five thousand dollars is pretty difficult.

Are there any new cars in the US sold by dealers like Chevrolet that are sold for under 15000 dollars?


Which websites offer information about the best hybrid cars priced under $35,000?

The best place to go to get information about a hybrid car that is priced under 35,000 is toyota or hyundai websites. They offer the best info that you will need about hybrid cars and prices.

Are there any dealers or online sites that specialize in used cars under 1000 dollars?

You can search for used cars on, and you can also specify that you are looking for a car under $1,000. The site also allows you to compare used cars and search through inventory and prices.

Where can I buy used cars for under $1000 in Wisconsin?

The best place to find used cars for under $1000 is from private sellers. Check or the local classified ads.

What are the best hybrid cars for under $20,000?

Hyundai is a really good company for hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are gaining popularity and there are more options in todays market. You can always find an older model or used car for under $20,000.

Where is the best place to find cars under 1000?

I would shoot for craigslist. You can always find cheap cars there or even barter for one. Also depends on what kind of car you would want to have. A car worth 1000 dollars might sound like what you need, but think about what you need the car to do.

How much did cars cost in 1925?

$290 dollars $290 dollars

What is the best car you can buy for under 10 000 dollars?

As far as cost to own, Resale, Insurance, Dependability, Fuel Mileage, the Honda Civic is one of the best cars I have ever owned or worked on. Another good choice would be a good used Toyota Camry.

How much money does a golf cart cost?

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What are some cheap used cars?

There are lots of cheap used cars under the $3000 mark. My boyfriend got a 2006 Hyundai Accent used for $1500 and it runs great. You should check your local dealerships to see what sort of offers are out there.

How much did cars cost in the 1940's?

About $1500 to $2500

Can a 96 Chevy ck 1500 tow cars?

Yes, it is possible for the 1996 Chevy C/K 1500?æto tow cars. You need to just make sure to have the proper equipment.?æ

How much were cars in 1930?

it was 3 dollars

Does BMW CA sell used and new cars?

BMW in CA does buy and also sells new and used cars. They also have vehicles from BMW that are under ten thousand dollars as well have non BMW vehicles.

What Internet Site is great for finding cars under 1000 that are reliable?

The best sites that I use are and You can also try craigslist to search for cars in your area.

A company makes toy cars it sells red cars for 2 dollars and black cars for 3 dollars If the company made 105 dollars how many red cars did the company sell?

no idea, the most they could have made is 51 red & 1 black, the least is 0 red with 35 black :P

What publication has the second highest number of used C1 Cars?

When searching C1 under cars there are a lot of different meanings. One of the best sources of C1 cars whether they are Chevy's or Fiats is Auto Trader.