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What are the best exercises for a young woman to get rippling abs?


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Unlike most other muscles you can work out your abs everyday since they recover so fast. I would suggest the usual crunches but also incorporate planks, toe touches, and bicycle kicks. Another workout I like to do is sit on the ground with your knees up and feet off the ground balancing on your rear. Rotate your shoulders perpendicular to your hips and touch the ground on one side of your body with both hands. I like this exercise because you can do it without weights or with weights. And you can use almost anything as weights. Plates, milk jugs, medicine balls, dumb bells. Keep in mind that these exercises will build your abdominal muscles, but even in healthy people your abs are covered in usually a thick layer of skin and then some fat. This area is one of the last places you will lose fat so you may just need an intense cardio workout to cut out fat to expose the abs you may already have. Diet is very important if you really want your abs to pop too. This is why your soccer players and cross country players look like they have massive abs. They run non stop every day for practice and their body fat percentage goes way down and typically they naturally will have less body fat to compete at even high school levels. So try to run everyday, bicycle if you can't, get on a treadmill and then do your ab workouts. Eat healthy and remember that everyone's body is different and it takes everyone different amounts of time to lose weight. I have no doubt if you have the dedication to get washboard abs you can do it but keep in mind this is very very hard for a most people to achieve even though most athletes you see will have them, but that's because they work very very hard. As far as dieting goes there are so many diets that I will suggest you go out and find one for yourself, but when looking for one keep in mind you want a diet that will help you cut fat and build muscle, not lose weight, im assuming youre not going for the biggest loser. This means you need to get a lot of energy from your meals. Don't think "oh I'll just eat less" you will pass out in the middle of workouts, get migraines, and other aspect of your life ( sociol, school) will fall apart and your body may weigh less but won't be healthy. Good luck, this is a great goal go for it.