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BlogKast is the best place for engaging blogging, a free top-rated online blog platform, is leading fastest growing amongst the blogging platforms. On this blogging platform, you are allowed to register yourself for free. You might have several excellent ideas or knowledge in your mind. It could be top business ideas, amazing technology information, and software service. You may have a writing passion.

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WordpressThere are two kinds of Wordpress blogs: self-hosted - - and, which is hosted by Wordpress. Both are free but have different advantages.

If you want complete and total control over your blog, download Wordpress from - it's completely free. Then go find yourself a host that allows access to your own MySQL database and allows PHP. There are several out there, some that may not even force banner ads on your blog. Installing Wordpress is very easy, and setting it up generically is easy. You can theme your blog however you can imagine, provided your host allows the PHP you choose - some will block certain functions for safety reasons.

To sign up for the free hosted blog - but with less design and feature control of your blog - go to and sign up.

Blogger.comBlogger, now owned by Google, is completely free and gets you up and running minutes. is a companion to, which is a more complicated version of the software you install on your own server. is a very straightforward blogging tool. However, it does have more options and flexibility than Blogger. Joomla.comThis is a slightly more complicated blog creation software. It offers much more flexibility, but is not as easy to get up and running as Blogger or

Installation of Joomla requires downloading the Joomla package file, uploading it to your web server, and configuring it.

These three blogging options are all free, and require varying degrees of computer ability.

Some other blog platforms include:

  • Xanga
  • Livejournal
  • Vox
  • Typepad
  • Movable Type
  • Myspace
  • bebo
  • hi5
The free, public blog sitesThere are many sites that offer free account creation for blogging:

  • Very professional-looking templates, easy to use.
  • More limited than others, like Blogger. You can't play with your template.
  • You can categorize your posts with custom categories and tags.


  • Very easy to make changes to your template, add html, etc.
  • Not perceived to be as professional as Wordpress or some others.
  • You can categorize your posts with labels.
  • Cannot delete comments


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists.
  • You can categorize your posts with tags as well as your mood, music, etc.


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists.


  • On Facebook, you can have "Notes" which are viewed by your friends.
Not free......but still worthy of mention:



  • This is actually another free version of Wordpress, but it's just the platform software, not self-hosted. You need to pay for your own hosting.
Other things to know

Some blog sites insist on their blogs being personal and non-commercial. The material posted should be fair and unbiased.

You can also go to del.ici.ous website, and search for all bookmarks on blogs. There are many.

You could do the same with searching does not allow you to delete or manage your own comments and contacting "Help" is cumbersome. You cannot report spammer comments.

What is the best blogging site? I ran across a site one time but cannot remember the name of it, but i remember that you could add pictures with different themed backgrounds.
facebook, orkut,, twitter

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Two of the most popular sites for personal blogging are WordPress and Blogger, both dot coms. If you're thinking of starting a blog, I'd recommend checking out both of those sites and comparing what they have to offer.

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There are a lot of good blogging sites out there.

Here are just a few I could think up.

I suggest you either go with Piczo, Tumblr, or Wordpress.

Piczo's main focus is Photography, but even if you're not interested in that, you can get thousands of followers!

Tumblr is probably the most popular "tumblelog" site. Tumblr lets you post music, audio, videos, text, links, and quotes easily and quickly.

Wordpress is recommended if you want to go professional.

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Online blogging and digital marketing has become exponentially more important in an era of social media and networking. The online explosion has generated over 200 million blogs worldwide. The best blogging platforms - WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr - each rank in the top 50 most visited websites.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways for large and small businesses to generate new leads that convert into sales and revenue. There are countless success stories of entrepreneurs and businesses turning their ideas into multimillion dollar enterprises via blogging, although there are other reasons for starting a blog.

The best part is that anyone can start a blog for free. There are dozens of free blogging sites, but not all platforms are created equal and some offer better opportunities for growth, exposure, and monetization. While self-hosted blogs require a unique domain and hosting company, they do offer huge advantages over even the best free blog sites.

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There are a lot of great blogging websites available. Some of the most popular are Blogspot, WordPress, and FC2. Blogspot is one of the most used in the world and is considered by many to be the best.

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Blue Host is one of the world's largest Web Hosting companies & providers of online solutions. Bluehost is a top recommended host by WordPress and also proudly supports many other open source programs

Link here☝️☝️

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Did you know that B l u ehost is home to more than 2 million websites?

That’s a lot.

Having such a vast customer base is enough evidence that they are doing something right. Their uptime is reliable, server speeds are good, and all of their hosting plans pack useful features for beginners and intermediate alike.

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Millionaire BlogSpot...

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βˆ™ 2y ago is the most widely used blogging platform in the world. provides you complete control over your website.

You can expand your blog by adding forums, an online store, premium subscriptions, and the ability to sell online courses. As a result, WordPress is the most profitable blogging platform.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available. This allows you to make a lovely design.

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βˆ™ 1y ago is the maximum extensively used running a blog platform withinside the world. offers you entire manage over your website. You can enlarge your weblog through including forums, an internet store, top class subscriptions, and the cappotential to promote on-line courses. As a result, WordPress is the maximum worthwhile running a blog platform. There are hundreds of loose WordPress issues available. This lets in you to make a cute design

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List of free real estate blogging sites?

There is to many sites on net for blogging but the two most common blogging sites are BLogger.comWordpress.comthese two are very good sites for the services.

Where can a person go to get information of free blogging?

There is an endless supply of information on free blogging available on the internet on sites such as Problogger, WikiHow and About, just to name a few. There are also just as many sites where anyone can start a free blog, such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

What internet sites host blogs?

Wordpress, tumbler, wix, blogger, google+,joomla, hubplaces are the best blogging sites.

Where can you make your own blog for free?

The two most popular free blogging sites are Wordpress and Blogger/Blogspot (owned by Google). Other sites include TypePad, LiveJournal and

What is the best free blogging platform with Google Adsense allowed?

ht tp s:// /F0S9R20 Remove space from the link and enjoy

What is the best VAR blogging platform?

WordPress is the best because of the following reasons It is free It is easy to customize with various themes It is SEO friendly as sites opened with this rank high It is easy to manage It is also safe and secure It can different types of media, link youtube links, videos, audio, etc.

What are two major free blogging sites where you can start your own blog? (Google Subsidiary) and are two of the biggest sites that will allow you to start your own blog.

Is there a payments for blogs?

Most of the time. Making blogs in the internet are for free. All you have to do is to sign up to free blogging sites like blogspot, wordpress and many more.

Free Blogging platforms?

There are two ways to create a blog one you setup on free blogging platforms and one you setup on your own paid blogging platform.Free blogging platform include Blogger, WordPress, HubPages,Tumblr etc,

Where can someone find instructions on setting up a blog?

A quick web search will give many different websites with instructions. More popular blogging sites such as Blogger and Wordpress will give detailed instructions and advice about their specific blogging software, which is free to use.

Is there such thing as a free create a blog that you don't have to download?

You can use many sites out there that offer a blogging platform without any download involved. You can use or

What are some free blogging sites?

There are several options out there to create blogs and web sites for free. These options include Wordpress, Weebly, Blogger, and Tumblr. Each of these options also include detailed instructions for how to create a personal blog for free.