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The Bose QuietComfort 2s are the best I've tried...but they're pretty expensive.

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Q: What are the best headphones to take on the road for blocking outside noise?
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What are the best noise-canceling headphones available?

According to an article on technology website CNET, where several noise-cancelling headphones were compared, the headphones with the best rating were the PSB Speakers M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

What are the best noise cancelling headphones?


Who makes the best noise cancellation headphones for the money?

I think that Bose makes the best noice cancellation headphones.

What is a good brand for noise reducing headphones?

There are many different brands of noise reducing headphones available on the market. Some of the best brands of noise reducing headphones include Bose and Beats by Dr. Dre.

What is the solution of office noise?

The best solution to get rid of office noise is to use Bose noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

To block out noise which are best - in-ear or on ear headphones?

The best headphones i hear are the Dr.Dre. They have good bass and they can blast pretty hard but they are expensive

Why cant headphones cancel vuvuzelas noise?

You can see why noise like vuvuzela noise, or other very loud noise are not cancelled by most or all headphones and what types of headphones would do it's best to cancel such noise here: electronics.howstuffworks .com/gadgets/audio-music/noise-canceling-headphone3.htm You can also learn how to try and rid yourself of such noise from your TV here: wikihow .com/Filter-the-Vuvuzela-Noise

What are the best noise-canceling headphones for kids?

Having 2 kids at home I have to visit the store for headphones almost every month. So here is a complete list of headphones for kids to choose the best headphones that last longer and are efficient. I have been checking this post and found some good headphones. Bose Quiet Comfort 25 COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones RCA [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Jabra Evolve 65 MS Wireless Headset Betron DC950HI Portable Headphones Sony WHCH700N Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth

Can anyone suggest any wireless noise-cancelling headphones by the way i really like the Monster Beat headphones by Dr. Dre so i'd prefer if the headphones look similar to those?

the best noise-cancelling headphones are the Beats By Dr.dre which go for a retail price of 299.95

What are the best headphones for the gym?

The best headphones for gym users are earbud headphones that fit inside the ear, and have a loop to connect around the outside of the ear, so that the buds dont slip out with movement or sweat.

What are some factors to consider when shopping for the best headphones for an iPod?

When seeking the best headphones for an iPod, the first factor one must consider is space. Following that is one's budget. Finally the devices specifications, especially the sound quality, durability and noise cancellation. If one wishes to listen to iPod on the go, then high quality earbuds are best. High quality earbuds usually come with a case that protects them when not in use. They also tend to cost less than headphones - with the best earbuds costing $50 or more. Earbuds in this price range tend to "cancel" or block outside noise without turning up volume. Those with more money and space can afford headphones. A good pair of headphones may cost $250 or more, and their design makes noise cancellation more evident than with earbuds.

What are the best headphones for listening to music with a deep baseline?

The best headphones in my opinion when you want to listen to music with a deep baseline is to buy a pair of headphones that completely cover your ear and that way you will be able to hear the music without interution of other noise coming into your ears.

What are the best head phones for noise cancellation?

The Bose quietcomfort 3 are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. They are great for frequent flyers. They area affordable and lighter weight making them very convient.

Whats the best noise cancellation Sony headphone for your money?

Many companies make noise cancellation headphones, but Sony has one of the best around. Some of their most popular models that are good for your money are ones that are portable and can reduce noise up to 75%.

What kind of headphones should I get to not disturb those around me?

Boss is the best headphones to keep the music you are playing only in your ears and not to the guy next to you. The high-end headphones will all do this, It seems the more you pay the less noise disturbs the people around you.

The Next Generation of Headphones?

Noise canceling headphones have actually been around for several decades, even though consumer-level equipment has only just hit the market. The technology to negate loud sounds, such as what you might experience on an airplane, has been used since around 1950 to make cockpits quieter. A famous name in audio technology, a certain Mr. Amar Bose, started developing noise canceling headphones in the late 1970s, and released the first commercially available models about ten years later. Today, the technology has matured enough and cheapened to the point that noise canceling headphones are the de facto standard.How Noise Canceling Technology WorksSound waves operate as very tiny vibrations in the air. Eardrums pick up those vibrations and translate them into electrical signals, which the brain then translates as sound. Noise canceling headphones work by recognizing those vibrations then producing equal vibrations traveling in the opposite direction, essentially canceling out any noise.Other noise canceling technologies work by simply insulating ears against all sound waves, much like a sound barrier along a busy interstate works. This physical layer can block most, but not all, sound. Noise canceling headphones which cover the entire ear instead of simple ear-bud headphones tend to work the best.Paying a PremiumNoise canceling headphones cost more than normal headphones for the extra sound protection they offer. Normal headsets start as low as $10, but noise canceling headphones can add $40 or more to the price. They're most useful in busy, crowded places, like restaurants, airplanes, or offices. Hotel rooms, homes, and other quiet places don't require special headphones to comfortably listen to music.Other DownsidesAnother problem with these headphones is that they require extra power for the noise canceling technology to operate. Producing those oppositely directed vibrations takes a small amount of power, so noise canceling headphones drain batteries more quickly.Also, sound quality tends to degrade because of the complex wiring and circuits needed to block excess noise. If you're an audiophile looking for the absolute best sound quality available, a normal pair of headphones costs less while producing clearer highs and deeper lows.Noise canceling technology also works poorly in blocking dynamic sounds, like voices and music. It works best against continuous noise, like traffic or the hum of an engine. Even with these downsides, many people prefer noise canceling headphones because of the unprecedented clarity they provide in crowded spaces. If you're on the go a lot, consider checking them out.

How do Bose Bluetooth Headsets compare to other brands?

Bose speakers and headphones are the best. They have noise cancelling options and are user friendly. I think bose bluetooth headphones would be a great brand to try.

What is being done to stop noise pollution?

Noise pollution refers to the overwhelming cacophony of sounds that people constantly experience when they live in big cities. The best way to reduce noise pollution is to wear noise canceling headphones, and to bike or walk whenever possible.

Which heaphones work best with the Ipod?

A noise cancellation system is really nice for using an Ipod out in public,but any headphones will do fine with an Ipod.

What are the best headphones for gym users?

The best headphones for gym users are earbud headphones that fit inside the ear, and have a loop to connect around the outside of the ear, so that the buds dont slip out with movement or sweat.

What is the best way to keep concentration while reading and with background noise?

The best way to keep concentration while reading when there are background noises is by moving to an area with less background noise. Wearing headphones to eliminate noises can also help.

How to buy best headphones in Poorvika?

airpods or beats

Is Sony mdrzx300outdoor headphones good headphones?

well i dont know aqbout it but sony xm3 are best at thier pricetag and they are great headphones wireless extra bass and also noise reducing and high battery power you can check more about it from my blog i can send you the info by email if you want

What brand of noise canceling headphones works best?

Bose has prided itself on not just having top of the line noise cancellation, which many competitors have as well, but also on the size (and thus the accessibility) their technology delivers.

Which headphones are better Smooth or Beats by Dr. Dre?

Beats by Dre headphones are much more high end then smooth headphones, they have better bass and more noise canceling than smooth, but they're very expensive so if you're looking for headphones that are just okay for a cheap price, smooths are the way to go, bu you're in to more high end headphones, beats are the best.