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What are the best known things in Illinois?

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Illinois Best Known Products

Boeing and tootsie roll industries

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The state, Illinois, is known for several things. The state is the home of Metropolis, and the state is known for its weather.

Illinois is known as the "Land of Lincoln"

Illinois is known for its wide variety of weather.

Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln.

Illinois is not known to be mountainous.

The first known inhabitants of Illinois are the Native Americans.They were the first people to find Illinois.

one of the things he was best known for was being a scientist and a printer

Baird and Warner are a Real Estate agency based in Illinois. They are best known as being the largest independent company and the oldest agency in the country.

Chinua Achebe is best known for his 1958 novel Things Fall Apart.

Yes, there is a village known as Gorham in Illinois.

People from Illinois are known as Illinoisans. That is pronounced "ill-uh-noy-ans".

The prehistoric Mound Builders were the first known inhabitants of Illinois. They inhabited Illinois between 10,000 and 8000 BC.

There are many things that Atlantic City, New Jersey is known for. The best thing they are known for are their casinos. They also are known for their conventions and the leisure they can offer.

many things....such as sailing!!

Julius Caesar was a man who accomplished many things, but he is probably best known for his military successes.

Jay Adams is known for many things. Jay Adams is best known for being an American skateboarder. He is best known for being one of the original members of the Z-Boys skateboarding team.

The State of Illinois is probably most known for corrupt and inept politicians.

1.) Being Minoan 2.) Not being known for anything

Wheaton and Woodstock are cities in Illinois.

Russia is best known for being the largest country on Earth. It is also known for things like Russian Dolls (Matroshki), Borsh and it's cold winters.

the best known colors are black and white most people like them too :) the are usede for many things such as cars paper and these little things that we all need are mostly black and white

Illinois State University is commonly known as ISU.

Illinois is known as "The Prairie State" and as "The Land of Lincoln," as well.

There are many things the English musician Jonny Greenwood is known for. The best known thing about the English musician Jonny Greenwood is that he is a member of Radiohead.

The "best school" can vary by program but overall the "best" school would be the University of Illinois, DePaul is also one of the best.

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