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Many colleges and universities offer a pre-med option. You can find these institutions by going to and use their College MatchMaker search engine. You can search by geographical area (to include Michigan), major (field of study), or by college or university name. Once you get the hang of this search engine, it will be a valuable tool for researching colleges and universities. It will produce a list according to your request, give you basic information on the school, and the institutions web site link.


2007-08-19 13:27:06
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Q: What are the best pre-medical colleges in Michigan?
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What is the best pharmacy college in Michigan?

Best Pharmacy School in Michigan:Ferris State UniversityThese are the best pharmacy colleges in MichiganUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborMichigan State UniversityWayne State UniversityWestern Michigan UniversityFerris State UniversityBaker College of MuskegonUniversity of Michigan - FlintMichigan Technological University

What is the best college in Michigan to go to?

There are lots of good colleges but i recommend U of M

Are there any websites or lists of Michigan community colleges I use?

For a complete list of community colleges in Michigan, refer to this list, and scroll down to the Michigan section. Read more about each one, and find which is a best fit for you.

What are the best but cheapest colleges?

That's a tough question.. some good colleges that are not like Harvard or Princeton are MSU ( Michigan State University ), UVM (University of Michigan) Ohio state.. the college doesnt need to be ranked in the top 10.. many colleges ranked in the top 100 are pretty good schools.. here is the list of the best 100 colleges in U.S..

What Division one colleges are in Michigan?

The division one colleges in Michigan are, with the commonly known name of the school in parenthesis:University of Michigan (Michigan)Michigan State University (Michigan State)Central Michigan University (Central Michigan)Eastern Michigan University (Eastern Michigan)Western Michigan University (Western Michigan)

What are the best dental and orthodontic colleges?

Voted number 1 is the University of Maryland in Baltimore unieversity of Michigan

What are some good colleges in Michigan?

Michigan state is one of the many great colleges in Michigan. You can look up some of the highest ranked schools in Michigan in your local library. Great choice.

Where are the closest colleges to our home located in Michigan?

There are many excellent colleges in Michigan. Some I can recommend are Central Michigan college, Delta college, Concordia university, Oakland university and Michigan state university.

How many colleges does Michigan have?


What are some good vet colleges?

One of the best is Michigan State! Its like the 3rd best i think! one of the best colleges for veterinary school is cornell, you must get very high grades and reports to attend and it is very expensive.

Where can I take counseling classes?

There are actually a number of really good colleges and universities in Michigan from which someone can obtain a counseling degree. One of the best is Michigan State University.

Where in Northern Michigan is a vocabulary workshop?

This seems to be the best site out there that I could find. It is the top 20 colleges in Northern Michigan. This site is sponsored by NMU, Northern Michigan University. I would think anything sponsored by a college would be your best bet. The site is

I wish to attend Bible college and seek information on the best bible colleges in Michigan.?

There are a few bible colleges in Michigan you can research further if you wish to attend. Two you can start with would be Kuyper College and Grace Bible College. You can find out more from these schools at their websites.

What are the top ten premed undergraduate colleges?

"Premed" is not usually a major and few colleges have an official premed program; however there are colleges that are said to be strong in "premed" due to their effectiveness at sending their students into medical schools. These colleges tend to have a supportive network for premedical students consisting of comprehensive advising, academic mentoring, and numerous opportunities in extracurriculars and academics (ie. research). Colleges renowned for such high-quality premedical programs include University of Pennsylvania, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, Rice University, and Johns Hopkins University. Several of the Ivy League institutions have very strong programs as well. Of course, factors that may affect some of an university's medical school matriculation statistics include policies that allow only the stronger premedical students to apply for medical school; difficult introductory science courses that "weed out" a bulk of students; and the fact that the student body at upper-ranked universities generally tend to be of a high caliber and possess qualities that propel them through the difficult premedical track. Interestingly, most of the aforementioned programs have competitive US News Rankings and particularly strong biology departments as well. When choosing a premedical school, consider the school's resources as well as your personal abilities compared with the intensity of the school pool; choose the school where you will most strive as a student. (Previous poster's answer below) It's really hard to say which Pre-med college is best because it's a pretty subjective topic. If you want the best in terms of the number of graduates matriculating into Med school, then UCLA, UC- Berkley, and University of Michigan are the best. So, the ranking really depends on how you define "best".

What are the best universities for hockey?

Some good colleges include Clarkson,Cornell,Boston College,Michigan,Michigan State, Boston University, Harvard, and many other colleges not named here. University of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Denver are also traditional power houses.

What are some colleges with swim teams?

University of Michigan

How many Miami colleges are in the united states?

try michigan state university in east lansing michigan

What colleges did General Ford attend?

Michigan State University

What colleges did Scott Joplin go to?

michigan state university

Where can I find information on community colleges in Michigan?

There are many good community colleges in the Michigan area. A comprehensive list can be found on the following Good luck with your future studies.

Colleges for forensic scientist?

Madonna University in Lavonia Michigan is one! Madonna University in Lavonia Michigan is one!

What colleges are best for veterinarians?

One that I've heard of that is really good is Cornell University There are 27 Veterinary schools in the US. They are practically everywhere if you look hard enough. There's like 3 in Michigan. quite a few in Kentucky. There are a bunch. You just have to look for them. One of the best colleges to go to is The Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. Another is Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Also Cornell College in Ithica, New York.

How many colleges with graphic design degrees operate in Dtroit, MI?

Michigan Public Colleges and Universities which offers the best degree program and provided the online degree program,animation,web design,graphic design

What American colleges offer library science degree?

I am interested in colleges/universities in Michigan that offer a degree in Library Science.

What are colleges with good reputations in Michigan?

Calvin College is highly ranked and located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not much after that is Hillsdale College which is located in Hillsdale, Michigan.