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be honest - just tell her you are interested in her and just ask her directly. there are really no "best" questions. honesty is the best policy, and compliments never hurt. everyone is usually flattered that someone is interested in them. she may say no. that doesn't necessarily mean no. she may not know you enough to think that she is interested in you, or a hundred other reasons - she just might not like you, the way you look, the way you dress, etc. don't take it too personal though - matching personalities is the hardest thing to do in this life! sometimes if she gets to know you better, none of those other thing may matter, and if you asked again after she knew you better she might be interested. get her to know you better by participating in things that puts you together with her AND others. i.e move closer to her with a buffer of the "group" activities of similar interests which is less threatening and gives her a chance to "observe" you. don't ask her out in front of others, that way the accept/reject is just between you two, no peer pressure to interfere, no shame in accepting or rejecting - either person. Ask her out!

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Q: What are the best questions for asking a girl out?
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