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What are the best tires for traction for a 2000 Corvette?

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I use Michelon Pilot Sport 2's on mine. 295 ZR-18s in back and 285 ZR-18 up front. They really stick.

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What snow tires get the best traction?

Michelin mud and snow tires get great traction, but if you want the best traction go with studded tires.

Which all-road tires are best for light off-roading?

High traction road tires are the best.

What is the best way to spin both tires on your 07 charger rt with traction on or off?

turn the traction OFF.

Can a vehicle's rims add traction in mud and if so which would work best?

yes, while really its only the tires that up traction, fatter tires will have a bigger contact patch, so if you get wide rims, you can get wide tires

Why do some tractors have 2 rear tires?

Uhh..because 2 is the best number of tires for balance and traction and where would you put the 3rd tire?

Do all four of your tires need to be winter tires?

You at least want the drive wheels to be winter for traction. For the best results all 4 should be.

What road surface offers the best traction?

In general, asphalt. It's a question of rubber tires in contact with a "like" material.

Which tires give the best traction under wet conditions?

The Michelin HydroEdge Passenger All-Season 205/55R16 is one of the best in wet conditions

What tires are best for 1969 Corvette on 15X8 inch wheels?

P215/70R15, P22570R15 or P235/60R15. I prefer the 60 series tire for wider footprint and better overall traction and handling! Firestone Indy 500, raised white letter tire is a good choice and will not break the bank!

Why do mountain bikes which are designed to be used off-road have much rougher tires than racing bicycles which are designed to be used on an even surface?

On a smooth surface the best traction and lowest rolling resistance is had from smooth tires. On an uneven or soft surface, like mud and sand a treaded tire offers the best traction, and the poor rolling characteristics is a trade of you have to live with.

What type of tires are best when driving over snow and ice?

Studded tires have small metal studs protruding from the rubber, which provides more traction. Snow chains, which wrap around the surface of normal tires, work even better, though they are a hassel to put on.

Why is it good to have hard tires on a mountain bike?

It usually isn't. But it depends on what you need most - good traction or low rolling resistance. Usually, people try to leave the tires just hard enough not to get pinch flats. This gives the smoothest, softest ride and the best traction. But it can also be quite heavy to power the bike forward.

What best brand name tires for Honda vehicles?

I would say there's multiple tire makes and models that work best for particular Honda vehicles, for different driving conditions. There's a few tire sites (TireRack, Discount Tire, etc.) where you can compare tires for your vehicle and review things such as wet/dry traction, snow traction, cost, threadwear rating and so forth.

What type of shoe has the best traction?

the best kind of traction for a shoe is one that can give you balance

What is the best tire for a 1979 Corvette?

255/60/15....not many tires are manufactured in this size, and from the ones i've seen the BF Goodrich radial t/a raised wht letter is the best

What is the best definition for traction?

traction means the ability to avoid slipping

What is the best selling Corvette to date?

Corvette is actually Dolan

Where can I find the best information about performance tires?

Goodyear high-performance tires help offer handling, maneuverability, and enhanced wet traction. These performance tires, also known as sport tires, have the polish of a premium tire with a slightly sporty edge. Plus goodyear offers a great warrenty package as well and many extra and friendly staff.

Why is the 1982 Corvette the best looking Corvette ever made?

Says who?

Are studded tires as safe as regular ones?

It depends on what weather conditions you are driving in. If you are driving in harsh snowy weather then studded tires can be your best friend. They will help you produce traction on a road that is slippery and icy. On a regular dry road, you do not need studded tired, they can damage the balance on your tires if you drive with them too much.

What is the best car to drive in the snow and ice?

Any large and stable car. Take a Hummer, for example. Make sure you add snow tires, too, to add grip and traction to your car.

Are fat or skinny tires best in snow?

Fat tires are best in snow.

What company makes the best car tires?

The company that makes the best car tires is mainly a matter of opinion except there are a few brands of tires that are better: What company makes the best car tires

What is the best tire for a 2011 Subaru Outback?

The best tire is the one that you can get a deal on. No one tire is best for everyone, that is why they make so many kinds. You have to decide what is important to you considering how and where you drive. A tire that gets excellent traction probably does not wear so well. Tires that do great on a dry road may not be the best on a wet road. Tires that do well on snow and ice tend to be noisy and wear quickly. Do be sure to replace your tires with the same size that came on your car and replace all four at the same time.

What are the best tires for camaro?

pirelli z tires