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Most of the forums and reviews I've seen have said that the new Aquila Nylgut strings are the best available.

A number of professionals use D'Addario strings, including Jake Shimabukuro.

Different strings work better on certain ukuleles. You should try a variety of stings and determine which are the type you like the best and make your instrument sound best.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-01 18:48:06
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Q: What are the best ukulele strings?
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What is the number of nylon strings used on an ukulele?

The standard ukulele has 4 strings. You can get them with up to eight strings.

How many strings does a mandolin?

the mandolin has eight strings. it is pretty much a ukulele but with two small strings for every normal ukulele string. =D

What part of a ukulele vibrates?


Can you put steel strings on a Mahola ukulele?

The ukulele is not designed to have steel strings. The stress required to tune the steel strings may very well damage the instrument. And the resulting sound will not match that of a traditional ukulele.

What kind of strings should you put on an electric solid body ukulele?

Ukulele strings for the appropriate sized ukulele. Sets of strings are made by companies such as Aquilla, Martin, Gibson, D'Addario and others with the correct sizing.

Does a tenor ukulele use nylon string?

The normal ukulele is made for nylon strings, including the tenor size. Even my baritone ukulele uses nylon strings.

How many strings does a ukulele commonly have?

The standard ukulele will have four strings. Some instruments will double one or more of the strings. An 8 string instrument is not uncommon.

Is the ukulele played by rubbing the 4 strings?

No, the strings are plucked or strummed.

Can you put tenor strings on an ordinary ukulele?

You can. A Tenor ukulele is a bit bigger than a standard ukulele, so it might be harder to get the strings to the correct tuning, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Does the ukulele have the same four strings as the bass guitar?

No. The Ukulele strings go: G C E A, whereas the bass guitar's strings are E A D G.

Are ukulele strings the same as guitar strings?

No, though some can be used for both depending on the size and type. Metal strings are seldom used on an ukulele as the instrument is not designed for the stress.

What notes are on the strings of a ukulele?

All the notes can be played on the ukulele. The current standard is GCEA.

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