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20,000 students. In 2011, the U.S. News and World Report ranked Cornell 15th among the best national universities. The College of Veterinary Medicine has frequently received high rankings as well, garnering a number one spot in the 2011 U.S. News and World Report list of top veterinary schools. The college offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program that includes coursework in animal health and disease, cell Biology and genetics, and function and dysfunction of the animal body.

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Q: What are the best veterinary schools in the Northwest Coast?
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What is the best veterinary programs?

There a several highly accrediated veterinary schools. According to national rankings Cornell University has the best veterinary programs.

What are the best veterinary schools in California?

the stupid school of randomness

What are some of the best Veterinary schools in the country?

Some of the best Veterinary schools in the country are Cornell and the university of Colorado. I know that there are only a select few in the country, so it is very hard to get in to them.

Where in the state of PA are any veterinary technician schools?

I found one of the best veterinary technician schools in PA to be Vet Tech Institute. I am sure there are other schools that will be just as good for obtaining your license.

What are some of the best veterinary technician schools?

Veterinary technicians are in demand for their assistance they can offer to the vets. There are many qualified schools across the nation so I'd check locally first.

What are the names of the top rated veterinary assistant schools?

There are several great veterinary assistant schools. One of the leading schools is Modesto Junior College near Stockton, CA. I was unable to determine what the best veterinary school in the US is, but I did find a listing of all schools. Here is a link to find one near you:

What schools in Manhattan Queens and Brooklyn are for veterinarians?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no schools of veterinary medicine in New York City or the associated burroughs. The school of veterinary medicine in the State of New York is in Ithaca; this is Cornell.

Which university is the best when it comes to veterinary degree?

Here is a list for the top schools in veterinary studies. The universities are listed as some of the best in the US. It list the best ones. The link is provided below

Which is the best collage for veterinary medicine?

There are many great colleges for veterinary medicine. You could look into liberal arts schools in the US like Michigan State University.

Is it difficult to get into vet school?

Veterinary schools are one of the most hardest schools of education to get into. There are different statistics about the percentage of applicants that qualify to get in but only the best get in.

What schools are the best at photography?

On the west coast it would be "Brooks Institute."

Where can I find a veterinary assistant school that has financing available in Boston?

There are many online courses to become a veterinary assistant. You can also check at local community colleges to find the best schools with the best financing options.

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