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Best way to learn Java is start from basic.Get a clear picture about JVM and JRE.Even if you write a simple program,try to understand what happens behind your code.I suggest you to read more about java at At first while writing your code attach java source behind ,due to that you can easily admire real scenario happen in it.

I suggest you try It's a resource of many example programs with explanations and there's a very good tutorial.

"Head first JAVA" is the book I recommend but it's a question of what's best for you. Go to a good bookshop and browse what's available.

At first, i would like to tell you the BEST way to learn JAVA is just "Type Java programs n execute them". start with simple programs...

"Head first JAVA" - It is the one of the best book to learn Java.

If you want to understand Java's advantages elaborately , then u can refer this page too

Best way to learn java is think of something real-world that you understand well and can automate. Write something like an electronic recipe organizer. The best book? Do a Google search for "Java, The Complete Reference, J2se" Good luck!

That is a good book. Also try "Java In A Nutshell" from O'Reiley books. It makes an excellent quick reference and is very straightforward.

Yes, these are great resources and adding one more resource to the list which i found helpful while starting with Java --> the tutorials from Sun. You can find them here

Happy Learning : )

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Q: What are the best ways to learn and understand Java and what books are good for this?
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Which is the best Book to understand JAVA in short?

You can use Head First Java or Java Complete Reference to learn Java.

What are the best java programming books?

Core Java of course! See related links for a website with all kinds of java programming books.

How do you learn Java Programming?

you go to school to learn it or you can read books on your own particuarly at amazon just search java programing or google it One of the best ways to learn a new programming language is to write programs in it. Try rooting around in the Java Programming category on this site. Look for questions like "Write a program to...?" and see if you can figure out how to answer them. Sun (now Oracle) has a whole website dedicated to the online versions of print books about learning the various parts and techniques of Java, including a very good introduction to Java programming language.

What is the best place to learn java with lots of practice problems?

go to java play school!

Best books to learn how to?

Books that have "Teach yourself ..." in the title

What is the best way to learn Java if you're an absolute beginner?

code academy!

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What is the best programming language to learn for web based games?

Well Java is used in many things and many games,apps and websites run on Java.

What is best programming language to learn for developing android apps?

I think java me is the best programming language for developing android apps....

Which is best for a fresher Java or PHP?

PHP is very sufficient option for a fresher because its easy to learn.

What is the best programming language to learn while job hunting - consider you already know C and Java you only have time to learn ONE which ONE would you learn?

C, Java are usually great. But you should also have a grasp of web designing. It includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, JQUERY and Ruby. You could also learn Java as the applets produced are great for websites.

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Is python better than java?

I will not say Python is a better language than Java. Both languages are essential for a different purposes. The similarity is that both languages are high-level, widely used, used for general purposes. The difference is that Java is faster than Python, as it is compiled language but python is easy to understand. So, if you consider speed then learn Java first but if you consider difficulty level, learn python first. offers the best online course for data science in which you can learn Java and Python. You can learn both languages, to decide which language you want to start with depends on your learning capability and objective.

What is a java console application?

java console application is a program that read and write data without using graphical user interfaces.This type of applications use when interaction with user is minimized.But to learn java languages this is the best way.

Where can one find advice about working with Java sorting arrays?

There are many places where one could find advice about working with Java sorting arrays. The best place to learn more about working with Java would be to contact Oracle.

What is the best book of java language?

the best book of java is java complete Reference 2nd edition.

Which programming language would be best for you to learn?

The best language to learn programming is BASIC. If you are already familiar with BASIC programming then you should consider learning an object-oriented language such as Java or C++. Java is easier to work with than C++, however you should be familiar with both. You should also be familiar with C, but it's better to learn C++ first.

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The latest released version of Java is best

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