Water Pollution

What are the biggest causes of water pollution?

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what are some other water pollution causes

the biggest pollution ever is water pollution because of the waste we humans throw everywhere. there are HUGE water pollutions in oceans like the one in the Pacific Ocean (one of the biggest water pollution's ever)

Ground water pollution is when ground water is polluted. :)

The gas that causes the biggest amount of air pollution has to be carbon dioxide. Due mainly to emissions from vehicles.

A pollutant is a harmful material that causes pollution in air, water, or soil.

air evaporates and pollution causes acid rain!

Pollution in China has been on the rise since it has become more and more industrialized. One of the main causes of water pollution is from garbage and plastic bags.

There are a number of common causes of water pollution. Some of the most common causes include sewage, marine dumping, industrial waste and radioactive waste.

To write a report on pollution of air and water, you should discuss the harmful impact of pollution. Discuss what causes pollution, and also how to help reduce pollution.

Water pollution in the Philippines is caused by various things including industrial waste. Household waste is another cause of water pollution in the Philippines.

due to factories and sewage water pollution causes disease like cholera typhoid and heppattis

I think loudspeakers & crackles are the things which causes noise pollution more than any think else.

Pollution disturb the ecosystem by Garbage, Garbage causes pollution of land and water. Polluted waters can kill water plants and animals :)

Failure to have good ventilation and bringing gaseous items indoors are the biggest causes of indoor air pollution. Some of the items that cause indoor air pollution include tobacco, pesticides, and asbestos.

inadequate sewage collection and chemicals from industries are the main causes of water pollution in South Africa. Litter is also a big problem.

Waste, pollution, trash and filthy water are some of the causes of rubbish.

Air pollution can cause acid rain. It's a polluted water itself so added to the underground and ground water supplies it causes water pollution. As the underground and ground water is in permanent contact with soil. Pollutants from the soil can easily pollute the water too, causing water pollution.

it kills fishes and damages their habitat

the answer is co2 mixes with oxygen

Connor O'Leary's Sweat.

Air pollution causes acid to accumulate in rivers and lakes.

Pollution refers to the addition of the contaminants to the ecosystem that causes adverse change and destruction to the environment. There are various types of pollution namely the air pollution, water pollution and the land pollution.

wastes, oil spills, mining water realeases

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