What are the biggest sporting events in the world?

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The Biggest events of the following sports are noted (UK)

Football - World Cup, Premier League, FA Cup

American Football - Superbowl

Tennis - Wimbledon

Rugby - 6 Nations

Wrestling - Wrestlemania

What is biggest sport in the world?

It is probably soccer. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world I think because they have leagues all over the world other than like basketball or football. In football they have lots of leagues but different rules, but soccer is worldwide and has the same rules wherever you play it.

What sporting event is the most watched in the world?

The most watched sporting event in the world is football (European Football). However, the single most watched event in history was the semi final match between India and Pakistan during the cricket world cup in 2011. To give you an idea of how popular football is, the 2006 world cup final drew ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest sporting event?

it was originally the Olympics but know it is the fifa world cup also the European cup attracts a lot of people .

What is the biggest sporting club in the world in terms of membership numbers?

Manchester United is the biggest sporting club in the world in terms of members. The world renown football/soccer club has 193,000 members in the U.K. and about 53 million world wide the Melbourne Cricket club has 99,932 members. Remember, 'fans' and 'members' are two different groups. From what I c ( Full Answer )

What are the 5 biggest events in World War 2?

Answer . It is unclear what you mean by events. Certainly the end of WWII in the Pacific and European theaters were big events. So were the A-bombs.. But for pure bloodshed, nothing the US was involved in compared to the German-Russian battles on the "Eastern Front" . The Battle of Stalingrad, ( Full Answer )

What was the biggest world event in 2007?

The biggest world event in 2007 is debatable. In the US, the lastHarry Potter book was released, which was a huge event. Themortgage crash began in 2007 and there were huge breakthroughs instem cell research. The Virginia Tech tragedy took place in 2007and so did the Saffron Protests.

Who is the biggest amateur sports organisation in the world?

The largest amateur sporting organisation in the world is theGaelic Athletic Association, commonly known as the GAA. It is inIreland and looks after a number of amateur sports, the main twobeing Gaelic Football and Hurling. These are Ireland's two nationalsports. They are the biggest sports in Irela ( Full Answer )

Biggest sport event?

olympic. in rugby: world cup, tri nations, six nations, lions tour, magners league, super 14, guiness premiership, heineken cup, euro challenge cup, EDF energy cup.

What is the biggest tv sporting event?

According to wikipedia, the sporting event with the largest TV audience worldwide is the FIFA World Cup, followed by the Summer Olympics. The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event period in the United States.

What sport events were in World War 1?

The soldiers would have played with a ball, like a soccer ball and this would be done at the back of the tranches when there was a seize fire (when each soldiers made a temporary treaty)

Is Nascar the biggest spectator sport in the World?

Yes NASCAR is the largest spectator sports in America and even the World. Many people believe it is soccer but that is false. Soccer is the most played sport but NASCAR still has the largest fan base in the world as of 2009. In America many people believe the NFL is the most popular, and a few years ( Full Answer )

Biggest sports stadium in the world?

The largest stadium in the world is the Rungrado May Day Stadiumwhich is located in North Korea. The second largest is the SaltLake Stadium located in India.

What is the biggest soccer event in the world?

The biggest event in soccer is actually the Fifa World Cup. That is what brings the WHOLE world together. Also, you could count the Euro Cup. Thought hat is not as big as the World Cup.

Which sports team has the biggest fan base in the world?

Manchester United. 330 million fans worldwide. About 5% of the worlds population. No other team can even compete with that. That's fact. That means like 1 in 20 people support Man United. Awesome Second is The Dallas Cowboys The dallas cowboys don't even come close to teams like real ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds most watched sport event?

With over 3.5 billion fans, football (or soccer) is undeniably the most watched sport in the world. Football has the maximum stadiums, greatest numbers of people buying football merchandise, number of competitions and events held - such as the world cup, UEFA League, American Cup, etc. Also there ar ( Full Answer )

The biggest soccer event in the world?

The FIFA world cup, held every 4 years. A competition based on the skill of each countries soccer/football team. "the process where national teams compete in knockout stages to eventually finalize the top team.. resulting in the overall winner." Then you can look at European competitions such as t ( Full Answer )

What are the biggest events in sports history?

for Superbowls i would say pittsburgh27 vs. cardinals23 for the Summer Olympics i would say 1. 1960(in Rome from SI.com) for the winter Olympics i would have to say Vancouver 2010 for the world cup is Brazil2-3Italy 1982 second round group C(goal.com) for boxing in my perspective its a tie b ( Full Answer )

What is the second most watched sporting event in the world?

Cricket Immensely popular from the beginning, since its inception in England in the 16 th century. Cricket is more popular in Test playing countries, and is the second most watched sport after football. The Cricket world cup in 2007, had 672,000 spectators in the stadiums alone and about 2.2 billi ( Full Answer )

Which sports is the 5 biggest in the world?

In terms of the richest in money, the richest are: Formula 1, Football (soccer), American Football, Golf, and either Baseball/Basketball/Boxing taking 5th place. The most popular sport worldwide is football (soccer). It has the largest number of professional participants also.

What is the biggest sports event in the world?

It would have to be worldwide. I would say the Olympics because people from every country compete in the Olympics. But if you said Super Bowl to a Chinese person that could understand English they would not know what it would be. It also could be the FIFA World Cup, because soccer is worldwide.

Why is the Football World Cup the biggest sporting event in the world?

Football is a game that has universal appeal, invented by the English, that can unite and divide loyalties like no other - more than was ever envisioned. Thus, with the advent of live TV coverage, it has become hugely marketable. The fact it is the most popular single sport in the world doesn't hurt ( Full Answer )

Major world sporting events planned for 2010?

Muzamil Mustaf:Muzamil was the best soccer player in the world and he still is the best and he is the leader of the Somali Bantu teams in Chicago for more information go to the best soccer player in the world this guy he is in part of thehistory + he was the captain of real Madrid in the 1969-1991 a ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest watched sporting event in the world?

The Superbowl. Wrong! 1. 2006 World Cup Final (300 million viewers) 2. Euro 2004 Soccer Final (153 million viewers) 3. 2004 Olympic Games: opening ceremony (127 million viewers) 4. 2004 Olympic Games: closing ceremony (96 million viewers) 5. 2004 Super Bowl (95 million viewers) 6. 2004 Olympic Games ( Full Answer )

How do they decide who gets to host world sporting events?

I believe that sporting events do raffles in which each country can be submitted into. Then there are usually four finalist countries. For example, the Olympics for 2016 when Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo were the countries to be selected, there was a panel of judges who decided whether ( Full Answer )

Why olympic is the biggest sporting event?

The Olympics involve every country, so people from every country tune in to watch whatever sporting event they are interested in. E.g. 100m Sprint, Archery.

What is the biggest annual event in the world?

The annual Muslims assemble To perform Hajj(pilgrimage), which is obligations of the God (Allah). Moreover, it is one of the most important religious rituals that Means the servitude to the Lord, and the equality between human beings. it shows the justice of the lord among the people. Nothing chills ( Full Answer )

Is formula 1 the biggest spectator sport in the world?

No it isn't, the number one spectator sport in the world isfootball. Other sports in the same list may include basketball,volleyball, cricket, baseball and other versions of football(American, rugby). Different countries may have different rankings,depending on the type of sport it is and this may e ( Full Answer )