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  1. Catalase positive.
  2. Oxidase negative.
  3. Motility test positive.
  4. Indole negative.
  5. MR negative.
  6. VP positive.
  7. Citrate positive.
  8. Urease negative.
  9. Reduces Nitrates to Nitrites.
  10. Ferments Glucose but not Lactose aerobically.
  11. Starch Hydrolysis positive.
  12. No growth at 45/ 55 & 65 degree celcius.

indole- negative



Citrate utilizaton- Negative




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How can you test bacillus megatrium from bacillus cereus?

bacillus megatarium test positive for sucrose where creus doesnt

What is the result of citrate test for bacillus cereus?

it is positive

How can you tell bacillus subtilis from bacillus cereus?

Bacillus subtillus will test positive when performing a VP and Citrate test. Also, bacillus cereus is much more motile. It isn't as dependable as the chemical tests, but the cereus colonies will appear wispy and more widespread on an agar plate than those of subtilis.

What is Urease test results for bacillus cereus?

Some B. cereus produce urease and some do not.

What is the Glucose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


What is the Lactose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


What is the sucrose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


What is Oxidase test results for bacillus cereus?

The test should end up being negative.

Biochemical test for bacillus cereus?

Indole - Negative Catalase - Positive Oxidase - Negative Methyl Red - Neagtive voges Proskauer - Positive citrate - Positive Starch Hydrolysis - Positive

Is bacillus cereus a positive or negative test for lipid hydrolysis?

The positive in purpule color

What are the biochemical tests for identification of bacillus subtilis?

imvic test can be performed

Differentiating between bacillus cereus and clostridium sporogenes?

The easiest way to distinguish one from the other is by performing an amylase test. Bacillus cereus will test positive by displaying a clear zone around the bacteria. Clostridium sporogenes will test negative because it does not produce the exoenzyme amylase. Another way is by performing a catalase test. Bacillus will test positive because it's an aerobe and Clostridium will test negative because it's anaerobic.

Bacillus cereus have a positive reaction for VP and citrate?

The B.cereus has a positive citrate test and a negative Voges Proskauer.

What are the biochemical tests results for bacillus megaterium?

gram's test- positive and rod shape.

Biochemical test results for bacillus anthracis?

Indole : Negative Catalase : Positive Starch Hydrolysis: Positive VP Test: Positive Urease: Negative Nitrate Reductase : Positive Gelatinase: Positive

Biochemical Test for enzyme presence?

biurets test is the biochemical test for enzymesan enzyme is a protein and as the biochemical test for proteins is biurets,, its the same

Biochemical test for porphyromonas gingivalis?

biochemical test for p.gingivalis

What are the results of a Oxidase test on Bacillus subtilis?

The Bacillus genus is usually negative in regards for the Oxidase test.

What are the biochemical tests to confirm bacillus species?

A test that you can do to confirm for example that your unknown is Bacillus subtilis from Bacillus megaterium is VP because B.subtilis is positive for VP and B.megaterium is negative for VP. There are plenty of test that you can do for example a gram stain, check if its aerobic, anaerobic, facultative anaerobic, check if its motile, is it a rod or cocci.. all those test help you find out more about your organism. There isn't only one test that you can do to confirm if your organism is from the Bacillus species you have to do multiple test because plenty of bacteria are gram positive, motile, rods, aerobic. Hope this helps:)The Starch Hydrolysis, it form a white clearing zone around the bacteria

Reaction of bacillus in a catalase test?

Most Bacillus species are Catalase positive.

What is a VP test for bacillus?


Biochemical test for Rhizobium?


What are the biochemical tests for identification of virus?

You can't use a Biochemical test to ID a virus.

What is Oxidase test results for bacillus subtilis?


What are the results of a catalase test on bacillus subtilis?