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The body has three lines of defense: 1. Skin 2. White blood cells 3. Antibodies (antigens and lymphocytes)

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Q: What are the body's defenses against diseases?
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The study of the bodys defenses against pathogens is called?


What are your bodys first line defenses against pathogens in general?

skin, breathing, and microorganisms on skin.

What are your bodys non specific defenses against pathegons?

Non specific defenses against pathogens include intact skin, temperature, neutophils, macrophages, and natural kills cells.

Which of these is one of the best defenses against human viral diseases?


What are some of the body's nonspecific defenses against disease?

Nonspecific defenses against diseases include intact skin, fevers, nonspecific phagocytes such as neutrophils and macrophages.

What is the name of one of the best defenses against human viral diseases?

aids virus

False or true Immune surveillance by natural killer cells is one of the bodys most potent defenses against cancer?


What is the bodys Third line of defense?

Your body's third line of defense is the specific defenses, these defenses are called the immune response.

What are the best defenses against human viral diseases?

Vaccinations are the best defenses, along with proper hygiene to prevent the spread of the viruses, including frequent hand washing.

When does the bodys second line of defense come into play?

when it gets past the first line (the skin)

What is the importance of tonsils in the body's defenses?

The tonsils are apart of the lymphatic system. They aid in the bodys ability to fight germs.

How does pathogenic salmonella bacterium enter the human body by overcoming the bodys natural defenses?

through the digestive system.

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