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The boundary points of the integers is simply the integers.

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How many points can you score by hitting over the boundary in cricket?

Depends on how the ball gets over the boundary, if it rolls over it then it's four points. If the ball flies over the boundary then it is six points.

Is zero an element of all integers?

Yes.....0 is an element of all integers Integers can be thought of as points on an infinitely long number line

Where are the integers on a number line?

If you have drawn a number line counting in whole numbers, the integers are those whole number points. Any decimal numbers in between are not integers.

Is 1.125 a integer?

no, integers are whole numbers and have no decimal points ; 1,2,3 etc. are integers but not 1.8, for example do not have any values after the decimal

In cricket how do the players score points?

Each run is one point. A ball reaching the boundary, but touching the ground on the way, scores four points. If the ball reaches past the boundary, without touching the ground, it scores six points.

Who many decimal in a billions?

Billions are integers and so there will be no decimal points or digits after it.

How can you tell whether a polygon is a convex?

A polygon (or any other plane shape) is convex if you take any two points inside it (or on its boundary) then the line joining those points is wholly inside (or on the boundary of) the polygon.

What are interior points in geometry?

For a closed shape, they are point inside its boundary or perimeter.

What is the importance of integers?

-- Integers are very useful when you need to count things. -- If you are running short of decimal points and fraction bars, then integers are definitely the best numbers to use, since they don't need any of those.

How many integers are between 1 and 1000000?

If you include the end-points, there are 1 million of um.If you exclude the end points, there are only 999,998.

Is circumference a chord?

Not at all! The circumference is the length of the boundary of a circle. A chord is a straight line(or a line segment) that passes through two points on the boundary of a circle (or on a curve).

When graphing a linear inequality what does a dashed boundary line inducarte?

The dashed boundary inducartes that the points on the boundary are not includedin the region which it bounds.This would be the case when the inequality says that one side is (more or less) than ...but not equal to ... the other side.

What is the singular points in complex analysis?

A singular point is any boundary point of the Disk that is not a regular point of the function.

What were the three main points of the Treaty of Versailles?

Avoiding future warsBoundary changesEstablish the League of Nations

How do you do multiplication problems with decimal points?

You multiply the numbers like you multiply integers. Count how many numbers are after the decimal points in both numbers combined and move the decimal point in front of the answer.

How is Hawaii linked with NZ?

New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island (Rapanui) are considered the three boundary points of Polynesia.

When the negative integers the positive integers and 0 are combined the integers are formed?

Negative integers, zero and the positive integers, together form the set of integers.

What are the two consecutive integers are between 10 explain?

There can be nothing between 10: you need two end points for there to be anything between them!

How many integers from -3000 to 3000 are divisable by 3?

None. But if you wanted divisible, the answer is 2001 (if both points ends are included).

Are the fractions 2436 and 1624 equivalent or not?

2436 and 1624 are integers, not fractions. And, as integers, they are unequal.2436 and 1624 are integers, not fractions. And, as integers, they are unequal.2436 and 1624 are integers, not fractions. And, as integers, they are unequal.2436 and 1624 are integers, not fractions. And, as integers, they are unequal.

What are numbers from 0 to 9 called?

Integers, probably.Integers, probably.Integers, probably.Integers, probably.

What has the author Ward Chipman written?

Ward Chipman has written: 'Remarks upon the disputed points of boundary under the fifth article of the Treaty of Ghent' -- subject(s): Boundaries, Great Britain, Great Britain. 1814 Dec. 24 'Remarks upon the disputed points of boundary' -- subject(s): Boundaries, Great Britain, Great Britain. 1814 Dec. 24, Northeastern boundary of the U.S., Treaty of Ghent (1814)

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