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They are baby crickets and You usually her them in live crickets

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Q: What are the brown furry worms in the crickets are they dangerous to my bearded dragon and also do you always get them in live crickets?
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How can to many crickets hurt a bearded dragon?

any amount of crickets can hurt a bearded dragon if they are left in the cage. when the beardie is done eating, take all the crickets out of the cage.

Do crickets bite bearded dragon?

Yes they do. Crickets will nibble your dragon while he/she is sleeping.Remove un eaten live food as they will irritate your dragon

Do you have to feed the crickets for your bearded dragon?

Not necessarily but I would recommend it It helps give you're Bearded Dragon proper nutrients.

Is it bad to leave live uneaten crickets in an aquarium with a bearded dragon?

Yes they began to rot and can make your bearded dragon ill

What dose a bearded dragon eat?

They eat meal worms and crickets

How much do you feed a adult bearded dragon?

About 10 crickets a day

What are the food sources for a bearded dragon?

grapes,crickets,mealwormsif they area pet

Should you feed your bearded dragon store food?

crickets work fine

Can you freeze crickets then feed them after they are defrosted to a bearded dragon?

Are you a complete idiot?Yes

Should you feed your bearded dragon grasshoppers?

no! just crickets and some locusts. If it's a baby crickets if its an adult locusts

Is it okay to feed a bearded dragon crickets that have eaten food om the same day?

Yes, you can feed crickets that have eaten food on the same day that you feed them to the bearded dragon. It helps the dragon to get more food. It's called gut loading, because you are loading the crickets' guts with extra food that the dragon can use. There is a substance that you can sprinkle onto the crickets before you feed them to the dragon. You can check with your pet store for that.

How do bearded dragon feed in the wild?

Crickets, meal worms, etc. Basically insects.

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