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An Industrial & Operations Engineer has a variety of career options. Industrial & Operations Engineering is often referred to as "Business" Engineering. An Industrial & Operations Engineer can go into Manufacturing, Logistics, Safety Management, Information Technology, Finance, Business, Urban Planning, Consulting and much more. The purpose of an Industrial & Operations Engineer is to make a process "more efficient". Take for example, the assembly line. The creation of this business process is at the heart of not only business & finance, but Industrial Operations Engineering. Industrial Operations are often found in manufacturing plants where they analyze the business process. They may analyze the work flow of the machines and people that make a product. Or they may look at ways to cut beuracracy and costs. Industrial & Operations Engineers use simulation software programs to help them determine the number of workers needed based on time/work studies. They also conduct one-on-one and group interviews with factory workers. Many Engineers have also focused on Information Technology. They create computer programs that will help improve the efficiency of a business process. The software options are virtually unlimited. This type of engineering requires an extensive math, science, and business background.

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Q: What are the career options for an Industrial Operations Engineer?
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