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There are many reasons for an evaporative emissions fault code not just a loose gas cap. Go to Autozone if you don't have a code reader, they will get you the fault code for free. Then go to your local big city library get the service manual for your car...the library personnel can help you find the right book. Look up the code. You will then have an idea of what your looking at. If a service technician used a code scanner to read the code and it showed that the gas cap was loose, he's probably telling you right. Sometimes that particular code clears itself, other times it has to be cleared with a code scanner. The gas cap can also be leaking, and you might need a new one. Check for nicks or breaks in the rubber seal. Rent, borrow or purchase a code scanner and see exactly what it says is wrong. If the service engine light is on, the computer has a 'stored code' and you should be able to pull up an error message.

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Q: What are the causes for the service engine light to come on in a 2001 Malibu the service tech said it was due to the gas cap not being completely screwed on took care of this but it still persist?
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